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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4529 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4529 Start

Stella said without thinking, “Yes, Mr. Wade, I’ll make the arrangements!”

After saying that, she remembered something and asked:

“Mr. Wade, I just returned to New York, and the news about the Fei family is widely known,”

“My identity, your grandfather’s family will definitely recognize it, how should I explain it to them then ……”

Charlie said, “Say you were also entrusted by someone if they repeatedly ask,”

“You can say that you are also returning a favor, do not know the other party’s true identity.”

Stella nodded: “I understand Mr. Wade! The An family must know that my grandfather and I were hunted in China,”

“But suddenly returned to the Fei family a few days ago,”

“I will tell them straight that you are the benefactor who saved my grandfather and me in China,”

“As for your real identity, I will say that I don’t know as well as they do, so they should be more likely to believe it!”

Charlie also knows that today’s An family crisis although intact,

But his own identity is certainly the focus of the An family’s attention.

With the strength of the An family, if they really follow the clues to investigate,

Whether it is from Sara to start, or from Stella, finding him is only a matter of time.

So, what he wants to do is not to make the An family investigate him,

But to make the An family do not investigate, or even dare not investigate.

So, he said to Stella: “After sending the An family to a safe place,”

“Make sure to explain, oh no, to warn them, do not try to investigate my identity in any form,”

“Just say that I am a man of chivalry and justice, do not like to be known,”

“Moreover, do not like to be investigated, otherwise, the consequences will be self-inflicted.”

Stella hesitated for a moment and wanted to say something,

But soon gave up the idea and said helplessly, “I know Mr. Wade, don’t worry!”

Charlie looked at Karl again and said seriously, “Mr. Yuan, it will be hard for you to take more trouble tonight.”

Karl was flattered and said, “Mr. Wade, you are too polite,”

“I am grateful to you for looking up to me, I will definitely live up to the important trust!”

Charlie nodded and said to Tasha: “Tasha, your task now is to make sure that nothing affects Sara’s concert,”

“And after the concert is over, contact the families of the deceased employees,”

“And give them enough pension and hush money so that they don’t expose the matter, understand?”

Tasha said with some hesitation, “Mr. Wade ……”

“What if there are family members who do not agree and must discuss a statement ……”

Charlie said seriously: “One person, ten million dollars, this money I will pay,”

“At the same time make it clear with the families, in this matter they can also call the police,”

“But the police is basically unlikely to do justice for them,”

“And, if they call the police, it is likely to lead to the black hand behind the retaliation,”

“This is not in the sensationalism, after all, the ferocity of this organization has never been seen before,”

“They do not even put the An family in their eyes,”

“The families of these victims, they are even less likely to put in their eyes.”

Speaking here, Charlie gave a slight beating and continued,

“I know I’m saying this is a bit unsympathetic and even a bit cruel,”

“But this is also the most realistic situation, for them, the killer is too strong,”

“They are like hitting a rock with an egg, so the best solution is to live well after getting a huge amount of compensation.”

“As for them wanting justice, I believe the An family will definitely get it back for them in the future;”

“If the An family does not have this ability, then I will definitely get it back for them too!”

At this moment, Charlie’s tone was decisive and firm,

And Tasha could not help but feel a feeling of admiration in her heart as she watched.

At this kind of time, hearing Charlie’s words really gave her a lot of encouragement,

So she hurriedly said, “Okay Mr. Wade, after the show, I will communicate with their families ……”

Charlie nodded and said seriously: “In addition, the victims’ bodies take them for a free burial,”

“If there are domestic staff with them, pay to help them transport the remains or ashes back home,”

“If their families are willing to come to the United States, then pay to reimburse all expenses,”

“Let their relatives come over to take the deceased away when the time comes,”