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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4528 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4528 Start

The impression of Charlie includes from childhood only seeing the first aunt and second aunt,

And the third aunt he has not met, and he and his maternal aunt also have not seen each other for many years,

And he can not confirm who this woman is.

Thinking of this, he then asked, “Mr. Yuan,”

“Have you paid attention to the reaction of the An family, can you deduce who this person is?”

Karl thought about it, and quickly said, “There is a man, who should be her husband,”

“That man called one of the other men second brother,”

“I heard him talk about this woman’s name, seems to be called Amelia.”

When Charlie heard this, he immediately surmised that this person should be his third aunt.

After all, the only person who could be called the second brother was his own second uncle, Marcus.

And the only ones who could call him his second brother is his third uncle Martel and his maternal aunt Tece.

What Charlie fears most is that in case this woman is his maternal aunt Tece,

That would mean that the An family’s own people have been infiltrated,

And this situation is really unacceptable from either side.

So, when he heard that it was his third aunt, his heart was slightly relieved.

However, it was an only slight relief.

Third aunt and third uncle Martel married for at least a dozen years,

Why on earth would the pillow side be transformed into a dead man?

If she was brainwashed in the middle of the process,

Then one has to marvel at the strength of that mysterious organization,

Which can train a well-bred daughter-in-law of a top family to become a dead soldier,

The ability of such brainwashing can be considered the pinnacle.

If she herself was a member of that mysterious organization,

And planted in advance by that mysterious organization on the side of the An family undercover,

Then the strength and strategy of this mysterious organization seem even more terrifying!

The ability to train a dead soldier to willingly marry into the An family,

Share a bed with third uncle Martel for more than ten years,

And raise a common child, this layout ability is simply outrageous!

Moreover, for this organization, even this woman can not hesitate to sacrifice her husband and daughter,

And even her own life, this control ability can send a chill down the spine!

If this is true, then the strength of this mysterious organization must have been incredibly strong!

And today’s attack, for that mysterious organization, is only the tip of the iceberg!

Thinking of this, Charlie had become more and more headstrong.

He felt that he could no longer leave Grandpa’s family here,

And had to have them return to their safety zone first as soon as possible.

At the same time, also let them hurry to start a thorough investigation.

From the identity background and family background check of the third aunt.

Although Charlie does not know what is the last name of the third aunt,

Which family’s girl she is, but he can be sure of one thing,

The identity background of the third aunt will never be an ordinary family,

Otherwise, it would not be possible to be married into the An family.

Moreover, before the third aunt married into the An family,

The An family would certainly conduct a close background investigation of her and her family,

If the other party can hide even the An family can not investigate,

Then the ability of this is really not small,

Digging deep into her family background, he/they will certainly find clues!

Thinking of this, Charlie said to Stella:

“Miss Fei, it’s hard for you and Mr. Yuan to communicate with my grandfather’s family,”

“So they can immediately gather people to cover their departure,”

“And then it’s also hard for you and Mr. Yuan to escort them all the way until they arrive safely.”