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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4525 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4525 Start

At first, Marcus suspected that Charlie’s aunt, that is, Tece’s husband, was the most suspicious.

Because, everyone was there tonight, but he was the only one who didn’t come.

After all, it is a matter of life and death for the whole family,

So Marcus did not avoid Tece when discussing this matter.

Martel has a similar personality to his second brother Marcus,

And the two work together more often than not,

So he also very decisively expressed support for his second brother’s speculation,

And felt that his brother-in-law was the most suspicious.

However, Tece has a different opinion, she feels that her husband is not very likely to do this.

The reason is that her and her husband’s only daughter is also here today,

Her husband usually loves his daughter very much, as the saying goes,

Tigers do not eat their children, if he really wants to make a move against the An family,

Then at least he will not let his daughter follow them.

Moreover, she felt that her husband did not have enough motive to commit the crime.

If her husband was doing it for money, he was not himself the first,

Second or even third in line of succession to the An family assets.

Even if all the An family members died,

The vast majority of the family assets would be inherited by the surviving grandchildren.

And he, as her husband, is only the legal heir to his share of the inheritance,

And can only inherit that small portion of interest in the An family,

So if he does this, it will be more of a graft for others.

Unless he kills the An family members present today,

And then kills the remaining family grandchildren as well.

However, if he really does this, the U.S. police and the FBI will never sit idly by,

After all, the entire family’s immediate family members are all dead,

And finally, only a son-in-law left out to inherit the family fortune,

A fool knows that there must be something wrong here.

Therefore, her husband could not have done such a stupid thing, according to her.

Marshal, as well as the old lady, did not think Tece’s husband would do such a thing either.

They were more suspicious that this matter might be the result of Sara’s side,

Not doing a good job of keeping secrets, and that they had leaked the news and attracted enemies.

In view of the fact that everyone has their own opinions,

And now can only stay in this box and can not leave,

So the Elder An stopped the speculation and discussion, and asked them,

Before the investigation of the exact results, not to argue about this matter.

So, everyone fell into silence.

At this time, Karl, with a few of his trusted members,

Knocked on the door of the box, and then pushed the door in.

Seeing Karl enter, the An family all immediately looked at him.

Originally, they thought it was the savior who had come,

But the Karl in the light did not match the figure of the savior just now.

At this time, Karl looked around for a while and took the initiative to open his mouth and asked,

“Gentlemen, in view of the seriousness of tonight’s matter,”

“Please continue to wait here patiently and leave the place after the show,”

“If you have any needs now you can tell me and I will try to help you out.”

The old man Nicolas spoke up at this time, “Gentleman, I wonder if I can make a phone call,”

“I want to make sure that a few grandchildren who didn’t come are safe.”

Karl said seriously, “Sorry Sir, for the time being, you can’t be allowed to contact the outside world.”

After that, he focused on the crowd and spoke,

“In order to ensure everyone’s safety, now please hand over all your personal belongings,”

“And we will conduct a comprehensive security check to rank the hazards here.”