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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 452 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 452 Start

Seeing that he was so generous, the girl’s defense had almost completely collapsed, she just waited to learn more about Wu Qi, and then went further.

At this time, Wu Qi’s cell phone rang suddenly. He looked down and found that it was Yuesheng’s call, and he couldn’t help but frown.

Why isn’t this woman going to die? What annoying!

Seeing him with a weird expression, the girl asked curiously: “It’s not your girlfriend’s phone call, right?”

“No, it’s not.” Wu Qi hurriedly explained: “Ex-girlfriend, she cheated, but she has been pestering me.”

After speaking, he sighed and said: “Hey beauty waits for me, I will be back when I answer the phone.”

“It is Okay.”

Wu Qi took his cell phone and went out of the bar. Then he got on the phone. As soon as he opened his mouth, he cursed: “Why are you filthy girl calling me? Isn’t the insult and humiliation you brought me enough?! “

Yuesheng was turning on the speaker at this time, and Charlie felt annoyed when he heard this.

This [email protected] is really giving his own psychological hints all the time! Just want Yuesheng to feel dirty, want her to give up her life!

However, he did not expect that Yuesheng was actually completely free from his psychological hints at this time.

But Yuesheng still obediently followed Charlie’s instructions and said: “Wu Qi, I am ready to die. Only if I die can you be free from the humiliation…”

Wu Qi said impatiently: “Then you go quickly, don’t f*cking hurt me again!”

Charlie typed a string of words with his mobile phone and handed it to Yuesheng.

Yuesheng read the words on Charlie’s phone and said, “Then can you come to meet me by the artificial lake of the school? Before I leave, I still have gifts to give you…”

Wu Qi immediately said: “No! I don’t want to see you again, seeing you will make me feel sick! It makes me nauseous, makes me want to vomit, makes me want to draw my own face, and asks how I fall in love with some Dirty woman like you!”

Yuesheng said, Charlie sent another string of words at this time.

She read as she read: “Since you don’t want to come, let’s break up. From now on you will take your Road and I will cross my single-plank bridge. If we meet at school, I hope you can pretend not to know me. Thank you.”

Wu Qi was stunned.

what’s the situation? !

Hasn’t Yuesheng been brainwashed by him? !

How could she suddenly wake up? Why is she so calm about breaking up with him?

d*mn it, isn’t this slap in the face? ! Haven’t all his previous efforts been abandoned?

So he hurriedly begged: “Yuesheng, how could you be so cruel and hurt me, and then leave me, are you really going to break my heart?”

Yuesheng looked at Charlie’s cell phone and read the lines Charlie wrote to her, and said, “Don’t you hurt my heart? I’m ready to die. My only wish is to see you again before I die. On the one hand, if I give you a gift, why can’t you promise me? If you don’t promise me, then I can only break up with you!”

When Wu Qi heard this, he blurted out immediately: “Don’t! Don’t break up with me! You want to see me, right? I’ll see you now! On the artificial lake, right?”

Yuesheng gave a hum, and said, “Yes!”