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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4516 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4516 Start

Nicolas also burst into old tears and choked,

“I caused this …… It’s me who harmed him ……”

“How can I explain to his widow and orphans ……”

“How can I explain to my old brother who has been gone for many years ……”

Saying so the whole spirit of the person, as if at this moment lost most of the half.

Charlie is more or less sorry for the death of Duncan.

This person has been investigating the Cataclysmic Front but after all,

It was also his duty, and he has been a police officer for many years,

His reputation was really good, should not have met such a fate.

It’s just that people die like lights.

Things have come to this point, it is now beyond Charlie’s ability,

Even if he wanted to save Duncan, there is no way.

It can only be said that his fate has this disaster that can not be avoided.

But at this moment, Charlie vaguely felt that Duncan’s body,

There seems to be some kind of fluctuation.

So, he immediately released more aura probe,

Surprised to find that Duncan’s brain, at this time is not completely dead.

Perhaps the two or three minutes of time hadn’t completely deprived Duncan’s brain of oxygen,

Or perhaps the desire to live in Duncan’s consciousness was too strong,

Allowing his brain to persist until now.

In short, his brain still retains the last ray of life.

However, his body had been almost completely destroyed,

And Charlie did not have the ability to bring him back to life.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through Charlie’s mind.

At the beginning, Nanako’s father, Ito Yohiko,

After the amputation of both his legs, Charlie also felt sorry for him.

However, regret is regret, Charlie also has no way to make the broken limbs re-grow.

Broken limbs can not regrow, which completely destroyed other organs,

Naturally, it is also impossible to regenerate.


In the Nine Profound Heavenly Secrets, there was a clearly recorded elixir that could make organs grow again.

The level of this elixir was even higher than the Cultivation Pill.

It could make all of one’s body organs, except for the brain, grow back.

As long as this elixir could be refined,

It would allow Ito Yohiko’s amputated legs and feet to grow back and fully recover as before.

So, with this medicine, it is natural that Duncan’s body can also be reborn.

However, Duncan’s body is severely damaged, and brain death is estimated to be a matter of minutes.

Within a few minutes, it was impossible for Charlie to refine that kind of elixir no matter what.

Not to mention his current strength is not enough, even if the strength is enough,

To gather the herbs, do not know how long it will take.

And Duncan is not like Ito Yohiko, both legs were amputated,

But can still live in a wheelchair and live until this kind of elixir is refined by Charlie.

Therefore, if he really wants to save Duncan,

He can only use aura to protect his brain first, as well as his badly destroyed body,

So that his brain stays alive and his body stays undecayed.

In this way, it would be possible to maintain his current physical condition all the way through.

However, Charlie’s spiritual energy was not endless.

To maintain such a broken body is simply a bottomless pit,

Maintaining a day or two, a month or two may be possible,

But if he has to maintain it for a year or two or even longer, he can not do it.

Unless the days ahead guard his body and replenish his aura every few days,

It would still be impossible for this person to survive.

Thinking of this, Charlie almost gave up in his heart.

Perhaps, this is Duncan’s destined calamity.

However, when he thought of the conversation he heard between Duncan and his grandfather in the box,

Charlie couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

At this time, Charlie’s mind suddenly thought of a highly feasible plan.

Although this plan was a bit radical, a bit risky,

and a bit pie-in-the-sky, it could leave a ray of hope for Duncan!

So, with a slight beat, he said to the An family:

“The situation outside is too bloody, you must not leave this door until the show is over!”

“In addition, after leaving this door, do not tell anyone about today’s incident!”

Marcus said, “Your Excellency, so many people died tonight,”

“And a famous detective …… How can this matter be concealed ……”

Charlie said blandly: “You do not need to worry about it, I will solve the matter.”

After saying that, he remembered something and spoke to Marshal:

“The body of your friend, I will have someone take away for a thick burial,”

“But you can not reveal his death to the public, at least not yet.”

Marshal subconsciously said, “I have to give an account to his wife and children ……”

Charlie said lightly: “Say he disappeared, say he ran away with someone,”

“Or say he threw himself into the sea, in short, do not tell anyone that he died here tonight!”

“As for whether his wife and children will believe, this is your problem, figure it out yourself!”