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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4514 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4514 Start

After only a few dozen seconds, the wind and water had taken a turn!

Now, they also experienced the despair of those four martial arts experts!

Charlie’s expression was cold as he shouted coldly, “Want to run? Can you run away?”

Saying that, with a cold gaze, a soul-piercing blade moved!

And at the height of an ordinary adult’s knee, it was instantly released!

The leader of the attackers who just lost both arms,

Before he had time to scream, he felt a sharp pain in his legs and knees!

He subconsciously wanted to look down, but his center of gravity shifted,

And his entire body, along with his thighs, slid straight down from above his knees!

Immediately afterward, he fell to the ground with a crash!

This heavy fall made him almost faint from the pain!

But before he had time to wail, he saw an even more terrifying sight!

All of his men, without exception, had their legs cut off!

At this moment, more than twenty people seemed to be twenty leeks,

That had been cut off, falling to pieces and looking miserable!

The strong smell of blood instantly filled the entire aisle,

And even the An family members in the box smelled the strong smell of blood.

Only, at this moment, they, being inside the room, could only see,

The man at the head of the doorway with his limbs chopped off.

Apart from that, they could neither see Charlie on the left side of the door,

Nor could they see the miserable state of the remaining two dozen people on the right side of the door!

But even so, the leader of the attackers’ ghost-like appearance at this time,

Also, let the people of the An family who have seen a lot of trepidation,

The family’s women have even all dodged and not dared to look directly at.

At this moment, the head of the man’s heart has been fearful to the extreme.

He stared dead at Charlie and asked with wide eyes, “You …… Who the hell are you ……

Such strong strength …… Impossible …… It can’t be a martial arts expert!”

Charlie said contemptuously, “Who am I, a mole like you is not worthy to ask!”

After saying that, he looked at him and said in a cold voice:

“Tell me honestly the mastermind behind the curtain, and I can give you a painless ending,”

“Otherwise, I will make your life worse than death!”

The man laughed miserably, “You are very strong, but my life, will not be in anyone’s hands!”

After saying that, he shouted: “Brothers, today I am the one who dragged everyone to death here, sorry!”

“But you do not need to be afraid, the organization will not treat your loved ones badly,”

“You can rest assured, I will go first, see you on the other side!”

The others instantly shouted as if they had been beaten with chicken blood, “I would like to go with you!”

As soon as the words fell, all of them, without exception,

Bit down hard on an artificial molar deep in their mouths at the same time.

In this group of people, each one of them has pulled out one of their molars early.

Usually, this molar position has been open,

And every time during the action, they will be a denture filled with highly toxic cyanide in this missing position.

And this denture will be slightly higher than the other teeth,

Once the unexpected event happens, this denture can be crushed with a forced bite.

Once the tooth is crushed, the poison,

Which is enough to kill at least ten adult males, and will be released instantly.

The excessive amount of venom will make them die quickly in a few dozen seconds!

And, they will hardly experience any pain.

And this is the shut-up drug they use to kill themselves when the mission fails.

With it, they can avoid being captured alive, and avoid being tortured in various ways.

These attackers were all very clear about their fate at this point,

So, for them, suicide was definitely the best option right now!

So, these two dozen people, almost at the same time, bit down on the dentures in their mouths.

The poison that was instantly released made each of their faces,

In an instant, turn iron blue, and their bodies twitch violently.

The man at the head looked at Charlie, laughed miserably, spitting white foam in his mouth,

But still sneered with a contempt that was visible:

“You …… You are indeed very strong …… But …… I …… I said ……”

“My life, will not …… will not be in the hands of …… in anyone’s hands!”

“My life is mine …… …… Not by the sky!!!”

Charlie saw him almost dying, the corners of his mouth showing a contemptuous smile,

At this time he coldly asked: “Want to die? Without my permission?!”

The man at the head heard Charlie’s words while laughing miserably and spitting out a mouthful of blood, sneered:

“You …… Do you really think …… Really think you can dominate everything even now?!”

Charlie sneered and said indifferently:

“I dare not say that I can dominate all things,”

“But to dominate your life and death is as easy as moving a hand!”