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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4511 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4511 Start

And Charlie, due to the early retraction of aura and attention,

Until the moment the bullet whistled through the door of his box,

Only then instantly realized that something big had happened outside!

Between lightning and fire, he thought a lot in his head.

Who was the enemy? Who was the target? Is the grandparents’ family next door be in danger?

In this instant, he looked at Claire, who was still immersed in watching the opening video,

And almost without thinking, he used an aura to point into the back of her head,

And Claire instantly lost all consciousness and collapsed on the sofa.

Then he immediately made a rollover,

A huge explosive force allowed him to instantly jump from the softa,

And rushed to the floor-to-ceiling window in front of the box and the next moment to the door.

The moment he opened the door of the compartment inward, two bloody corpses just fell in the doorway!

The special Dum-Dum bullet’s power is too terrifying, hit on the wrist,

It can blow off the wrist, hit on the arm, and the whole arm will be torn apart,

Hit on the chest cavity, in the front is a small thumb-sized hole,

While the back, it is larger than the bowl cavity, the original meridian,

As well as the internal organs being blown into pieces, it is all miserable!

The miserable state of the two people made Charlie’s heart angry.

Sure enough, no martial virtue!

As they say that killing is so easy now, martial virtue is not enough these days,

But that too with such a cruel saturation attack, simply do not even give the opposition an intact dead body.

Since the door of Charlie’s box opened inward, and there was no light on inside,

So the other party’s attention at this time is not on Charlie’s room.

The leader of the men came from a distance while sneering recklessly:

“What kind of bullshit eight-star martial artist are they, even worse than dogs!”

“Next time we change to 7.62 special armor-piercing ammunition,”

“Even a Ming realm Grand Perfection martial arts expert will be fcuking smashed to pieces!”

At this time, that eight-star martial artist still kept his last trace of consciousness,

Even though his body was beaten into a sieve.

With his last breath, he reached out and pushed open the compartment where the An family members were,

And then he lost consciousness and fell into the room with a crash!

At the last moment, before he died, he thought that he must inform the family head,

Even if it was just a few seconds in advance so that the family head could be prepared.

Otherwise, with the soundproofing in the room, and the professionalism of this gang of humongous bandits,

The An family members would likely die without even knowing to look back.

The moment he pushed open the door, light instantly flooded in, the An family members,

Who were immersed in the opening video, realized the light coming from the back and turned their heads,

This look did not matter, everyone was instantly shocked to the core,

While several women and children were already screaming out in fear!

At this time, in the opening video, the fierce star wars was also settled,

The sound of explosions, and the roar, all disappeared,

And the video of that female warrior alone fleeing through the wormhole, the scene was also a lot quieter.

At this time, the screams of several female members of the An family seemed extremely ear-piercing.

However, the VIP area itself has excellent sound insulation,

Plus the outside is not completely quiet, so this scream, it is impossible to be heard by the people outside.

Marshal was the most responsive at this time, he fiercely pulled a hand at Marcus and shouted:

“Marcus! You block the front with me!”

Marcus did not even think about it, gritting his teeth and roaring, “Okay! Kill us both first!”

Nicolas said out of the blue, “Marshal! Don’t be impulsive, negotiate the terms!”

“No matter how much money they want, say yes without thinking!”

“The whole family is here tonight, we can’t afford to gamble or lose!”

These words of Nicolas made the three sons of the An family’s scalp tingle.

As their father said, today, the two oldest members of the An family,

As well as their four children were all here.

In addition, there are three daughters-in-law and several grandchildren.

If today’s crisis does not pass, the An family’s old, middle and young three generations, will be wiped out

And under the nest, how can there be a perfect egg!

If the other side succeeds today, the remaining grandchildren who were lucky not to come, how can they escape their pursuit?