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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4510 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4510 Start

The leader of the group had a slight frown on his face.

In the information he received, there was no information about the next box.

He only knew that the box here was not open to the public tonight,

And the An family members, should be the only guests.

Now it seemed that the intelligence was wrong.

However, at this moment, he could not care less about these little surprises.

He immediately made a neck-wiping gesture to the crowd,

The meaning of which was, including the two people in the next box, all of them should be taken out!

Anyway, the process all the way up was to kill them on sight,

And killing them on sight was also their code of action tonight.

Afterward, the crowd got ready, and between the wave of the leader’s hand,

The tacit agreement was divided into high, medium, and low, three heights,

To kill with great speed into that aisle leading to the VIP box!

The four experts of the An family, at this time suddenly found the enemy attacking,

The eight-star martial artist in the lead was aghast and shouted out of the blue: “There is an enemy!”

After saying that, the whole body qi quickly forced from the body to the surface,

Armed skin into armor, and at the same time from the waist pulled out a soft sword!

The other three also reacted very quickly and began to operate their true qi almost immediately.

This is the standard process for martial arts masters to defend themselves against the enemy.

However, the enemy does not speak the martial virtue at all!

More than twenty extremely powerful assault rifles,

At an extremely fast speed, frantically expelled the bullets in their magazines.

Each bullet, after the acceleration and rotation of the rifling, came towards the four men with deadly force!

The man in the lead swung his soft sword and slashed wildly,

His speed was extremely fast, and the soft sword suddenly became incomparably hard,

And it cut like mud when he shook it in his hand!

In a flash, at least a dozen bullets were cut in half by him,

But there were more than a dozen bullets coming at him!

It was hundreds of bullets!

More bullets, one after another, hit his body!

His true qi was so powerful that the initial bullets hit his body as if they were hitting a brick wall!

If the opponent was fighting alone, he could have cut down most of the bullets with just his own strength,

And the remaining bullets, though impossible to cut down completely,

Would not cause fatal damage to his body due to the protection of his true qi.

However, what is bad is, on the other side there are too many people, and too many guns ……

Bullets… too many! ……

More than twenty magazines in a few seconds emptying six or seven hundred rounds of bullets!

And in this straight alley, they simply can not hide!

At first, the bullets only made these martial arts masters’ bodies shake,

But they couldn’t hurt them physically.

But before a second had passed, their true qi was depleted at an extremely fast rate under the rain of bullets!

The martial arts experts’ true qi is being consumed rapidly,

But the opponent’s bullets, however, did not stop at all!

Moreover, what is not martial virtue is that the gun is tireless!

A gun with a capacity of thirty rounds,

Between the first and the last rounds, there is almost no difference in power!

This also meant that the fate of these four experts was doomed to tragedy from the moment these men suddenly appeared!

Soon, the body of the eight-star martial artist in the lead reached its limit,

And the bullet went from not being able to invade his body,

To the warhead being able to invade half of his body,

To the entire warhead not entering his body or even completely piercing through his body,

The whole process only took less than three seconds.

The reason why it is so fast is that this assault rifle,

Which has a rate of fire of 700 rounds per minute,

Takes less than three seconds to empty its clip of thirty rounds!

So, in less than three seconds, these four experts of the An family were sieved by bullets!

As the saying goes, a chaotic fist kills a teacher.

Even for martial arts experts, in front of such a dense bullet, it is simply impossible to resist.

This is why, the rules of this world, have been in the hands of guns and missiles range,

Rather than in the hands of these martial arts masters.

Flesh and blood, how can it resist the saturation attack of modern weapons!