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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4509 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4509 Start

The moment Duncan fell to the ground, none of the people in the elevator, even looked at Duncan again.

One of them saw Duncan’s dead face and said offhandedly through the intercom system in his helmet,

“Boss, this man seems to be NYPD detective Duncan Li!”

The man at the head said contemptuously,

“What Duncan Li, in my opinion, it’s just an appetizer, not enough for a fcuking chopstick.”

After saying that, he ordered, “All of you,”

“In battle formation, remember our purpose, do not leave any alive!”

The other twenty or so men heard the chief’s voice very clearly…

Because they were wearing active noise-canceling headphones,

So they held their guns in their right hands and raised two fingers,

The index and middle fingers, to the side of their temples with their left hands.

This hand gesture means they have received the order.

Immediately after that, more than twenty people in the four elevators,

Immediately arranged themselves in the standard special forces six-man combat formation,

With the most advanced assault rifles, at the same time, the same pace turned out of the elevators.

They are covered in special clothing and equipment, have gone through a very rigorous silent treatment,

The fabric of the clothes will not emit almost any friction,

Even the head of each zipper on the clothes is wrapped with black cotton fabric to avoid impact with the zipper body.

Combat boots soles also have undergone special treatment, and all using Velcro tightening,

Oo laces and metal parts, even while walking up, it will not make any sound.

Plus this entire VIP area is like a hotel, all covered by carpet,

More than twenty people walked up, almost without a sound.

With such extreme combat details, even the top special forces cannot do it.

And their equipment, too, is very advanced.

Their main weapon, the HK433 assault rifle, is the latest single weapon from the German company HK.

This gun has a high rate of fire, high power, and accuracy that far exceeds that of ordinary standard weapons.

Moreover, the gang also specially adopted the special 5.56 caliber Dum-Dum ammunition.

In close-range combat, this small-caliber bullet not only has high muzzle velocity and high killing power,

But also this ammunition has an extremely strong cavity effect,

Which can form a large cavity in the body when hit into the flesh, thus causing great damage to the human body.

At this point, they skipped over Duncan’s corpse while advancing silently.

This corpse was no longer within their attention,

Their target was the VIP box where the An family members were!

At this moment, four experts from the An family were guarding the entrance.

But at this time in the opening video,

The sounds of the fleet exploding and weapons firing were all over the place,

And the subwoofer was raising a great wave of sound,

Even the floor of the reinforced concrete structure was vibrating as a result.

In front of this surging wave of sound, other sounds almost completely lost the power of propagation.

Plus the ears, eyes, and nose, are extremely susceptible organs,

Once a certain sound is too loud, the human ear under the influence of this huge sound,

Will almost lose the ability to analyze other weak sounds.

This is why, in the concert scene, in the bar disco, two people talking face to face,

Who can not hear each other, unless the other person is lying next to the other side’s ear and shouting?

Therefore, the four experts of the An family, in the huge background sound,

Want to hear the sound of the gun with a silencer, as well as the other party’s footsteps,

Who are trying to cover it all up,

It is more difficult than listening to the buzzing of mosquitoes in the airport.

At this time, they are still completely unaware that great danger is approaching!

And Charlie, also because he had just retracted his aura,

And focused on the opening video that was played live,

So he too is equally ignorant of everything that is happening outside!

However, the killer is extremely well prepared.

Before they entered the corner of the corridor, they had already used the life detector,

The situation behind the corner, they know everything.

The person controlling the life detector immediately reported to the crowd in a special sign language.

The sign language content is:

“There are four people at the door of the proximal box near them,”

“Thirteen people inside the proximal box, and two more people in another box immediately inside the proximal box.