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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4507 Free Novel

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Encounter happy things from the heart, there are no formalities if one is very happy.

Seeing that the An family is so enthusiastic about him, Duncan’s old face got red, not quite natural, said:

“Thank you all, thank you all! When the baby is born,”

“I will definitely bring it to the An family to ask for New Year’s money!”

The old man said smilingly, “Come! Be sure to come! Bring your daughter with you!”

“If the baby is a boy, I’ll have to give your daughter a big red envelope alone!”

Duncan was confused by the old man and asked,

“Uncle, how can you give a red packet to your daughter when you have a new baby in the family? Where is this saying?”

The old man said seriously: “You kid all day long, only thinking about solving the case,”

“I have to do more for your dead old man!”

After that, the old man said: “Your family has only one girl, but your Li family’s legacy can not be broken!”

“If your daughter is willing to give birth to a son with your family’s surname Li,”

“To help to continue the family line, I will definitely give them a big red envelope,”

“That will allow them to live a lifetime without worries!”

Duncan listened to the all the people for a while, then his eyes got red,

Deliberately touched the nose to cover up, said with a smile:

“Uncle, what era is this, we can not be so old feudal ……”

The old man said seriously: “Duncan, this is not feudalism, this is heritage!”

“Since ancient times, you have only heard of worshipping your own ancestors,”

“Have you heard of anyone worshipping their foreign ancestors?”

“Do you know what your grandfather’s grandfather’s surname is,”

“Do you know what it means to break off the incense?”

Duncan said: “Uncle, broken incense, that does not mean that the bloodline is broken ……”

“Then as long as this child later raises offspring, I will not pass on this bloodline?”

The old man waved his hand and said with a solemn expression,

“Duncan, the argument of breaking the incense is not that complicated, to put it bluntly,”

“It is simply that no one is lighting incense for the ancestors of this lineage,”

“To put it more bluntly, there is no one to worship!”

Duncan heard here, the tears in his eyes can no longer be taut,

Two lines of hot tears down the somewhat dark cheeks and rolled down.

He understood the meaning of the old man’s words,

And deep inside he also agreed with the old man’s philosophy.

The older generation of Chinese people who went abroad to work,

All of them wanted to have a prosperous family and children, which naturally included Duncan’s father.

But although Duncan has five sisters, he is the only male in the family.

His wife was also willing to give birth to more children for him,

But God forbid, she encountered a very serious hemorrhage during the birth of his daughter,

The doctors removed her uterus to save her life. So, Duncan only has that one daughter.

At this time, the old lady on the side saw Duncan quite a big man actually shed tears,

And quickly said to the old man: “Oh, you old feudal! What era is it now, still engage in the patriarchal set!”

After saying that, she hurriedly said to Duncan:

“Duncan, don’t listen to your Uncle’s nonsense,”

“This old feudal consciousness should have been removed long ago!”

The old man always obeyed the old lady in words, but this time he said in a stern voice without any doubt:

“If it were anyone else, I would have advised you to do the same, but for Duncan, I can’t!”

“He can think for himself no problem, but my old buddy will think,”

“I know better than anyone, he left early, I am a brother, I have to make up for him this regret!

Saying that he looked at the silent tears of Duncan, full of dignity waved his hand, and said:

“Duncan, this matter you do not have to care about anything, whether the child is born a boy or a girl,”

“You bring your daughter over! If it’s a boy, I’ll be able to convince her to let the child be named Li,”

“If it’s a girl, I’ll try to convince her to have another one!”

“Don’t interfere, don’t say a word, just pretend not to know,”

“If anyone has any old feudal, old ba5tard name, feel free to greet uncle’s head, uncle won’t care!”

Duncan at this moment with tears heavily nodded his head,

Said with gratitude, “Uncle …… thank you …… thank you!”

Duncan knows that his son-in-law is very good and high-minded, this kind of thing, perhaps really only Nicolas can do.

Moved beyond measure, his legs bent forward uncontrollably, and he was about to kneel and kowtow to Nicolas.

Marshal’s quick eyes and hands sprang into action, and hand dragged him, said: “Duncan, what are you doing!”

Nicolas scolded: “Brat, they say there is gold under the knees of a man,”

“You are running here to me to cash in! Hurry up and stand still, you will not kneel for me until the day I die!”

Duncan was really moved from the bottom of his heart, but seeing Nicolas’s anger,

He hurriedly said, “Okay, Uncle …… I know ……”

The old man nodded in satisfaction and urged, “Why are you still standing here, hurry up and go to the airport!”

Marshal said: “Dad, I told him to hurry up, he said he wanted to accompany you for a while.”

At this time, the music suddenly sounded, the very explosive music,

The venue lights dimmed at least 70%, and on the stage left and right two large LED screens instantly point,

Began to play the opening material of Sara’s world tour.

The opening video, 20 minutes long, was created by a Hollywood team with heavy money,

The sound and visual effects are shocking beyond compare.