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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4506 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4506 Start

In addition to the four An siblings and Charlie’s three aunts and uncles,

The two sons of Marcus, Martel’s eldest daughter

And Tece’s twelve-year-old only daughter also came together tonight.

These offspring, all of whom are Charlie’s cousins,

Are also considered fans of Sara, so they came along from Los Angeles.

Marshal’s two daughters also like Sara, but the eldest daughter who is at Stanford studying for a doctorate,

The second daughter is studying in the United Kingdom, academically busy,

As the old man was seriously ill, they took time off to come back to accompany him,

Delayed a lot of school time, so early this morning they rushed back to school.

However, Marshal’s two daughters in the An family’s own internal family chat software,

But also specially instructed several other siblings, to try to take more concert videos for the two of them.

Although Charlie could not perceive their identities,

After listening to their small talk for a few minutes, he was able to almost identify each of them.

Among them, the eldest son of the second uncle Marcus’s family, whom he had met when he was small,

But at that time this cousin was still in infancy.

As for the eldest daughter of Martel’s family and the only daughter of his maternal aunt Tece, Charlie hadn’t met them all yet.

At this time, Marshal saw that Duncan was a bit bored drinking alone,

So he walked to the bar and sat down beside him, asking, “What, your mood hasn’t eased up a bit?”

Duncan laughed bitterly and said, “What relief, we’ve known each other for so many years,”

“You know me, and I’m really stuffed up in my heart because,”

“I haven’t had a chance to get back for such a big dumb loss!”

Marshal poured himself a glass of wine, clinked glasses with him, and said,

“Duncan, look ahead, your days as a police officer are long, but they are over.”

Duncan nodded gently and sighed: “You’re right, have to look forward ……”

Marshal asked him, “You said earlier that you wanted to go to Houston,”

“To be with your wife and children, have you told them?”

“Not yet.” Duncan laughed bitterly: “This is not still a total upset ……”

“I always feel that this case may still have a chance to come to light ……”

Marshal said seriously: “Duncan, listen to my advice, go back at night and pack your bags,”

“Set the earliest plane to Houston early tomorrow morning.”

After saying that, Marshal said: “Forget it, I will arrange a plane to send you!”

Duncan’s expression is somewhat hesitant and he said: “This is too fast ……”

Marshal seriously said, “Yeah, good for you!”

Duncan couldn’t decide for a while.

He did want to leave, but he was also really reluctant.

Just at this time, his phone suddenly received a message, he opened it,

His expression quickly became excited, and quickly said to Marshal:

“You just said you will arrange a plane to send me to Houston?”

Marshal nodded and said, “That’s right, just one word from you!”

Without thinking, Duncan said, “Tonight then! I’ll go to the airport after the show!”

Marshal was surprised and asked,

“You’ve been on the ground for a long time, why are you suddenly in such a hurry again?”

Duncan grinned and said, “My daughter just sent me a message saying that she is pregnant!”

When Marshal heard the news, he also instantly became happy and said with a smile,

“No wonder your fcuking mouth is grinning to the roots of your ears,”

“So you’re going to be a grandfather!”

“Yes!” Duncan said excitedly, “The old generation said that the next generation is really the same thing!”

“Once my daughter said she is pregnant, I really don’t want to stay in New York for a fcuking minute,”

“I want to fly over tonight and give them a surprise!”

Marshal laughed, “Oh, you know how to surprise your wife and kids? Can’t you, there is progress!”

After saying that, Marshal said, “Come on, you don’t have to rub it in here,”

“I’ll have the crew get ready, you go to the airport now!”

Marshal waved his hand and said, “It doesn’t matter! If you tell them, they will surely understand.”

“Don’t.” Duncan whispered, “I haven’t seen the old man for such a long time,”

“So it’s hard to spend time with him, I don’t care about two more hours,”

“You say hello to the crew and I’ll go there after the show.”

Seeing his insistence, Marshal nodded and said, “Okay then,”

“I’ll talk to the crew now and let them get ready in advance.”

“Got it!” Duncan smiled heatedly and said, “Thanks, brother!”

Marshal laughed: “We are brothers, why are you so polite with me?”

After that, he immediately took out his cell phone and arranged the plane for Duncan,

Then he held a glass of wine and walked up to everyone and said with a smile,

“Mom and Dad, let me interject, Duncan is going to be a grandfather soon,”

“Let’s celebrate this with tea instead of wine!”

Hearing this, the old man said with a joyful smile,

“Yes, yes! A new baby is a great thing, you’re blessed, Duncan!”

After saying that, he picked up the teacup in front of him and said with a smile,

“Come on, I’ll drink to you, congratulations on your upcoming promotion!”

All the people also picked up the tea and drinks and said words of congratulations under their breath.

The An family has been in the United States for a long time,

From the top to the bottom, the thinking is more or less westernized,

The more obvious characteristic is that emotional management is more open,