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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4505 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4505 Start

At this moment, Charlie’s attention was almost entirely on his grandparents who were a wall away from him.

He heard Tasha say in a respectful tone to his grandmother,

“Grandma you must not be so polite, you are Sara’s grandmother,”

“You and Grandpa could come to see Sara’s concert, you do not know how honored we feel!”

The old lady said with a smile, “Sara is now one of the most well-known stars in the world,”

“It’s us who are honored to come to her concert.”

The old man on the side also couldn’t help but sigh:

“To be able to bring a concert to America and still have such a strong appeal,”

“Miss Gu is indeed considered the light of the Chinese.”

The old lady said, “What Miss Gu, that is your future grandson-in-law’s wife,”

“Don’t call her so rudimentary, her maiden name is Sara.”

The old man said with a smile, “Yes, yes, the wife is right.”

Tasha could not help but sigh: “You two have a good relationship,”

“Unlike my grandparents, who fight every day and let no one get away.”

The old man laughed, “Then that’s your grandfather’s problem, a man,”

“To live an easy life as he wishes must give in to his wife’s mouth.”

“Yes!” Tasha laughed, “When I go back, I will tell him your trick, so he can learn it well!”

While laughing, Tasha brought the An family into the box,”

“And after introducing the general situation of the box to them, she said to the crowd,

“The show won’t start for another forty minutes, so you can take a break,”

“Now the audience is going to start entering, I will go over to see if there is anything I can help with,”

“If you need anything, just press the call bell to call the service staff or give me a call.”

Charlie’s grandmother said smilingly, “It’s hard for you dear,”

“If you have other things to do, go ahead and get busy, don’t mind us.”

Saying that the old lady remembered something, and hurriedly asked,

“Right, Tasha, after the performance, is it convenient for Sara to have time?”

“If it’s convenient, we’ll wait to meet with her, if she’s not convenient, then we won’t bother much.”

Tasha was busy saying, “Convenient, Sara instructed me to tell you all that after the show,”

“You can wait for her in the box for a while if you are not in a hurry to leave,”

“She will come over after she finishes her business.”

“Okay!” The old lady said with a smile, “Then we’ll wait for her here after the show.”

All these conversations were heard word for word by Charlie.

He knew that Sara comes over to see his grandparents after the performance,

Partly it is out of respect, and partly for her own consideration.

The reason is that she is worried that after the performance,

He and Claire might meet up with Grandma’s family when they leave, so she deliberately arranged this.

After the show, grandmother’s family will naturally wait for Sara in the box,

And he can take advantage of this time to directly take Claire and leave.

In this way, although the two sides are only a wall apart from the beginning to the end,

But will not have any opportunity to face each other.

Moreover, because each box has a very strict acoustic treatment in order to achieve the best acoustics,

So the two boxes are like double sound insulation, in this case,

Even if Charlie and Claire speak loudly in the room, it is impossible to be heard next door.

Even if a martial arts expert of the Ming realm, such as Joseph, came over,

It would be impossible to hear the conversation next door.

Unless one is like Charlie, who has aura protection, one can use the pervasive aura to sense every move next door.

After Tasha left, Charlie could feel that there were a total of fourteen people in the next compartment,

And outside the door of the compartment, there were four people standing.

However, the aura is not omnipotent, although Charlie can perceive the number of people,

But can not rely on it to identify each person on the other side.

However, he could perceive that the four people outside the door were all martial arts experts,

One of the strongest had reached the level of an eight-star martial artist,

Comparable to the strength of Joseph, the other three, the weakest had the level of a six-star martial artist,

And the other two, both seven-star martial artists.

It seems that the An family’s strength is indeed extraordinary,

This configuration of bodyguards is the strongest Charlie has seen so far.

At this time, Charlie suddenly received a message from Tasha,

The message is just five words: Duncan Li is also in.

Charlie was slightly stunned, did not expect, Duncan actually would come here too.

Originally, his grandmother’s family had not seen him in the past twenty years,

But Duncan had just met with him a few days ago.

This also makes Charlie a little more cautious, as long as the show is not over,

Then in the case, something is absolutely necessary, he must not go out of this door.

Next door in the box.

The old man and the old lady were sitting on the sofa, Marshal and his wife were next to the old couple,

And opposite them sat Marcus, Martel and his wife, and, Tece, in that order.

As for Duncan, he ran straight to the bar and poured a glass of whiskey,

Sitting on a long footstool at the bar and drinking himself.