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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4503 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4503 Start

It was afternoon.

In order to be able to stagger the entrance time with grandpa’s family,

Charlie deliberately took Claire and arrived at the concert venue early.

At this time, there are already many fans waiting anxiously inside and outside the arena,

And the arena has not yet reached the time to start entering, so these fans will be surrounding the arena.

The good thing is that the venue originally has a VIP channel,

There are special security personnel outside the channel to maintain order, so there is no fan interference here.

Before arriving at the venue, Charlie gave a greeting to Sara’s agent Tasha in advance,

When his car just arrived at the entrance of the VIP channel, the security guard saw the license plate,

Without any inquiry then directly opened the car blocker to let it in.

This VIP channel is like a sunken tunnel, after the car drove in,

Basically, it is equal to driving into the stadium’s underground location,

And this channel is completely straight, from the entrance down,

You can see the opposite distant light through the exit,

And the VIP reception is in the middle of this channel.

The advantage of the VIP channel is so designed that it is to ensure the maximum possible security of VIPs,

The entire channel can be seen very clearly at a glance that it is surrounded by smooth concrete walls,

No one can hide in this channel at any point.

The VIP reception in the middle of the channel, in fact, is a recessed piece of parking,

Under normal circumstances, VIP vehicles parked directly here to enter the venue interior,

And are very convenient for walking as well.

Tasha was standing at the edge of the parking lot waiting, saw Charlie drive in, and hurriedly waved to his car.

Charlie responded by flashing his headlights, and then parked his car in the parking lot,

Under the guidance of Tasha’s hand gestures.

There were already several business cars parked in the parking lot,

And Charlie recognized at a glance that it was Sara’s convoy.

Claire was a little surprised at this time and asked, “Honey, where are we?”

Charlie laughed: “VIP channel, let’s watch the show in the VIP box tonight.”

Claire was surprised and asked, “Why are you watching in a box? It must have cost a lot of money, right?”

Charlie laughed: “Miss Gu’s concert did not sell boxes to the public this time,

“So the boxes above are basically all empty and free for us to use,”

“And we can go to the boxes to watch the show this can save the organizers two tickets inside,”

“After all, she has so many fans, two more tickets will be able to allow two more people.”

Claire nodded gently, and then followed him out of the car.

As soon as Tasha saw Charlie, she very politely went forward and said, “Master Wade, you are here.”

After saying that, she looked at Claire and smiled, “Hello Mrs. Wade, we meet again.”

Back when Charlie had just reunited with Sara and brought Claire to have dinner with her,

Tasha had met Claire at the dinner table before.

Claire also had an impression of her and hurriedly said,

“Hello, Miss Chen! I’ve given you trouble this time.”

“No, no, not at all” Tasha said in a serious manner,

“Master Wade has helped us so much, it is us who have caused trouble for Master Wade.”

Tasha said, “Mrs. Wade, during this period of time, we have been giving Master Wade a hard time,”

“To run to New York because of feng shui matters, so we have delayed his time with you, you must not mind.”

Claire didn’t know she was saying that on purpose, so she said,

“Miss Chen is very kind, this is also my husband’s job, it’s all right.”

Tasha smiled faintly and nodded gently.

In fact, she still had a lot of double entendre or meaningful words to say to Claire,

But she also knew in her heart that she could not be too reckless in front of Charlie,

So she stopped at the point and said with a smile,

“Master Wade, Mrs. Wade, let me take you two to the VIP box first.”

Charlie saw that Tasha also knew to take it as it came,

So he didn’t bother with her much in his heart and said blandly, “It’s hard for Miss Chen.”

“I should, I should.” Tasha smilingly took Charlie and Claire from the VIP channel,

And directly took the elevator to the top floor.

Because of the large scale of the venue, the location of the VIP box was,

Basically already about as high as seven or eight floors,

And this entire upper area was the VIP area of the venue.

Here, the entrances and exits, as well as various facilities and passages,

Are completely isolated from the audience in the arena below, greatly ensuring the privacy of the VIPs.

As for tonight’s concert, it is only Charlie, Claire, and the members of An family in the two VIP boxes only,

Other boxes are not open to the public, so the staff on this floor is also very small,

Only at the entrance and exit with security guards, after coming in is all empty, can not see any staff.

This is done by Sara deliberately, after all, Charlie himself likes being low-profile,

And the An family is also a very high-profile public figure,

Privacy must have sufficient, the less staff, the more it can reduce exposure.

Tasha brought Charlie and Claire to the middle position of the box,

The door opened, and inside is almost a hotel luxury suite.