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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4499 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4499 Start

The confirmation of Hogan’s identity, on the contrary, made Duncan a little disappointed.

He wanted to hear some extraordinary information, the kind of information,

That makes people sound and feel that there must be something in it.

However, the information returned by his subordinate immediately dispelled his doubts about Hogan.

As a veteran detective, he knows very well that a person can disguise the present,

But it is difficult to bury the past with all its traces.

This is why many criminals, even if they have cleansed themselves,

And become successful people that everyone admires, will still end up in jail because of their past crimes.

Hogan’s affairs from 20 to 30 years ago were unearthed, enough to corroborate his relationship with Sara.

Therefore, it is only normal for Sara to go to his roast goose store for dinner.

And Sara in the roast goose store when eating happened to hear Marshal talk about Nicolas’s critically illness,

And then she rushed from thousands of miles to give medicine, this is reasonable.

As for why this Hogan deliberately destroyed the surveillance,

Duncan’s heart also has a very reasonable explanation, after all, Sara is a big star,

Hogan’s past proves that he is not an ordinary person, that he perceived something wrong,

In order to protect Sara’s privacy he dared to destroy the security camera, this also makes sense.

Since it is reasonable, it means that this line is no longer necessary to pursue.

Therefore, Duncan can only hope that the police can continue to dig deeper along the clues of the Cataclysmic Front.

Right now, only this one clue is a relatively clear direction of the investigation.

However, the other party at this time, with the tone of some helplessness said:

“Chief, your successor Bruno, today has had a meeting with us,”

“The case, the direction of the investigation changed to the victim’s identity,”

“As well as the investigation of the specific details of the victim who got kidnapped,”

“The Fei’s group, the above also passed the gas, meaning not to bother,”

“So the Cataclysmic Front line, basically it will not Check again ……”

Duncan couldn’t help but question:

“Cataclysmic Front killed so many people in New York, and they will not investigate it?”

“Yes.” The other party said, “The more you investigate this matter, the more tricky it becomes,”

“From the mayor to the director, it is not recommended to investigate again.”

Duncan asked again, “Those who were killed are all direct members of well-known families, can they swallow this anger?”

The other party said: “You do not know, the deceased families have come over to meet privately,”

“They also made it clear that they do not want to continue the investigation,”

“The more investigation on the family’s reputation, the greater the impact,”

“So they now want to be like the Fei family, hurry to come up with a sum of money to compensate the victims,”

“As soon as possible to let the matter turn over and to save their reputation.”

Duncan was stunned for a moment and said offhandedly,

“In that case, the case of Randal and these people being killed is basically like closing internally!”

“Yes, that’s the nature of it, it just won’t be announced to the public like that.”

Duncan was immediately disappointed to the extreme, he spoke:

“Ruoli Su ran away, the Cataclysmic Front is no longer investigated,”

“That Hogan also does not have any problems, then it is basically impossible for this case to come to light.”

The other side helplessly said, “Chief, this is indeed the case now ……”

Duncan could not help but let out a long sigh, the whole person disappointed to the core.

What he didn’t know at this time was that because he had someone investigate Hogan,

Almost at the same time, on the other side of the world,

A file of information about Hogan appeared in front of a top tycoon in Hong Kong.

This top tycoon was the same Gerard Liu who once admired Hogan immensely and later hated him immensely.

His real name is Gerard Liu, one of the most powerful real estate developers,

Shipping companies and investors on Hong Kong Island.

He has a very good popular base in Hong Kong, in the eyes of the people of Hong Kong,

He is flirtatious and wealthy, and kind, very gentlemanly.

Gerard has had many affairs in Hong Kong over the years,

And every woman who has had a relationship with him, even if they finally part ways with him,

They will still praise him as a rare good gentleman.

There are many wealthy people who are s3xually prom!scuous, but those who can do what he did can hardly be picked.