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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4498 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4498 Start

Marshal casually said, “The cost of replacing such a carpet in the An family,”

“The proportion of the An family’s assets, basically equal to your changing a garbage bag in your home garbage can….”

“Replaced by a new bag, so when you change the garbage bag heartache?”

“Danm ……” Duncan smacked his lips and cursed: “Let you fcuking pretend again.”

Marshal bristled: “Just telling the truth.”

While talking, everyone came to the dining room one after another,

Nicolas greeted Duncan to the front and let him sit down next to him.

Since Marcus had greeted him in advance, so as soon as everyone was seated,

The service staff immediately brought the prepared meals one after another.

Marcus took the initiative to have someone bring another bottle of white wine,

Intending to join his elder brother and accompany Duncan to have a few drinks.

Nicolas seemed to be very concerned about Duncan’s current predicament,

And kept asking him what had happened recently.

Duncan is not good to start talking more, but only vaguely said that he has not dealt with a few big cases recently,

Nicolas saw that he did not want to talk more, so he did not ask again.

Duncan because of his character, usually does not has many friends,

Plus his mother left early, his father pulled him alone,

And did not renew, so it led to Duncan also having little siblings.

In recent years, his wife took the children to Houston, he was alone in New York, more isolated,

Although the family from his father’s generation, the relationship with the An family is very good,

But must hang a big gap, so Duncan is not too good when it comes to chatter.

If it wasn’t for the blow Marshal received when he tried to buy the Rejuvenation Pill in China some time ago,

And it so happened that Duncan was stuck with the case of Randal’s kidnapping,

The two actually didn’t have much chance to meet often.

Therefore, now sitting among the An family, the lonely Duncan,

Also found a feeling of home here, and the depression in his heart also softened a few points.

When he was exchanging glasses with Marshal, Marcus, and Martel, Duncan received a text message.

The message was sent by his subordinate, in which the other party said that,

He had found out the identity of the owner of the roast goose store through an informant on Hong Kong Island.

Duncan suddenly flinched and hurriedly excused himself to go to the restroom,

And came out to give the other party a callback.

As soon as the phone call came through, he asked, “What’s the new discovery?

The other side on the phone said: “Chief, the roast goose store owner, his real name is Hogan Chen,”

“About twenty years ago he moved from Hong Kong Island to the United States illegally,”

“Now we see him running a small restaurant, in earlier years he had a name in the financial field,”

“He had returned from the United States after studying in Hong Kong,”

“But more than twenty years ago in Hong Kong, he offended a local tycoon,”

The other side added: “You know this Hogan, in those years in Hong Kong he could be said to be well known,”

“He did a big thing that makes the whole of Hong Kong talk about him even to this day,”

“He got the rich man’s girlfriend abducted, the two snuggled together to the United States.”

“Fcuk ……” Duncan smacked his lips and sighed: “This guy is still a fcuking love child!”

“Yes.” The other side said: “Oh yes chief, I also found out one thing,”

“This man and the big star called Sara Gu are indeed acquainted,”

“From the informant’s feedback information, mentioned Philip Gu, that is,”

“Sara’s father, for his matter had gone to Hong Kong to meet with the tycoon.”

Duncan heard this, could not help but frown, and spoke:

“This …… this seems to round on ah …… so, Sara this big star,”

“She will go to a small roast goose store in Chinatown, it is also logical ……”

“Yes.” The other party said, “I also think it is quite logical,”

“Think this line should have nothing to do with the kidnapping of Randal, so I hurried to report to you.”

Duncan said self-deprecatingly, “I have already retired early,”

“How can we talk about what to report, if you have any latest developments in this case in the future,”

“In the case of not violating the rules, appropriately reveal a little to me.”