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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4497 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4497 Start

Hearing that there seemed to be quite a few stories in Duncan’s words,

Elder An spoke up and said, “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter if it’s long, let’s talk slowly at the dinner table later.”

Master An had just walked away from the ghost gate, plus he had serious memory problems,

So he knew absolutely nothing about the most lively things in America now.

However, he had a deep understanding of Duncan and knew that this kid was stubborn,

And could not give in at any time, so he was even more curious about what he had actually gone through.

Duncan knew that it was impossible to explain clearly to Nicolas in a few words,

So he said vaguely, “Okay, uncle, I won’t bother you with my little troubles, I’ll have a drink with you later!”

The old lady said, “Duncan, you can’t let your uncle drink, if he drinks again, he might not even recognize me.”

“Yes, yes, yes ……” Duncan came back to his senses and said busily,

“Blame me, blame me, blame me for not thinking carefully.”

Nicolas laughed and said, “When I saw this disheveled look on your kid,”

“I knew that you must have wanted to drink it yourself.”

With that, he said to Marshal and Marcus, “Marshal, Marcus, I will not drink.”

“But later on you two will drink some with Duncan,”

The two brothers nodded, “Okay dad.”

Nicolas looked at Duncan’s unconcealed dishevelment and said in a serious manner,

“Duncan! Cheer up! Look at you now, you don’t have any of your old man’s heroic posture!”

Duncan quickly stood up straight and said respectfully: “uncle your criticism is ……”

Marshal looked at the time and said, “Dad, why don’t we eat first and talk at the dinner table later.”

“Good.” Nicolas nodded, “Let’s eat first.”

The top floor of the Anbang Building, with a floor area of over four thousand square meters,

It could normally accommodate at least a few hundred people,

But this whole floor was used by Nicolas alone in the first place.

On this floor, there are not only offices, meeting rooms, and other conventional office building configurations,

But also swimming pools, gymnasiums, physical therapy rooms, restaurants, and other living facilities.

In fact, Nicolas did not intend to use such a large area as his own office,

But his eldest daughter Margaret in the planning of the building set aside this floor for him,

And personally did the interior according to his preferences, so for this place, Nicolas has very deep feelings.

Afterward, the crowd moved to the dining room located in the southern part of the top floor,

Although for Duncan the relationship with the An family is very good,

But he has not been to this place for many years, everything here seems to be brand new,

In his heart, he can not help but be surprised.

He couldn’t help but ask Marshal in a low voice: “Marshal,”

“This building of your family has been opened for at least 20 to 30 years, right? How come it’s still so new?”

Marshal whispered: “The building as a whole is very well maintained,”

“Basically every two to three years, they redecorate it once, this floor gets a daily maintenance,”

“Since the death of my sister, the old man gave an order, for anything here,”

“It is not allowed to change the pattern, so you can see everything on this floor,”

“There are at least several sets of brand new Spare, some of the things that have been discontinued,”

“But they specifically spend a lot of money to hire artisans to replicate.”

Saying that Marshal pointed to the carpet on the corridor and said:

“This carpet under your feet, hand-woven by Iranian craftsmen,”

“It is similar to the kind used in the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi later,”

“The cost of a square meter is nearly 10,000 dollars,”

“The old master had people invite more than 100 craftsmen from Iran,”

“To make one according to the carpet left by my sister, now there are a dozen sets woven which are changed every a year.”

Duncan listened to the staggering, and could not help but say:

“Your family it really does not treat money as money…… 10,000 U.S. dollars for a square meter of carpet,”

“That too to be replaced after a year …… this money is thrown out, without a heartache … …”

Marshal said seriously: “Duncan, when it is about money, only look at the amount, not the proportion, that is a rogue.”

Duncan was surprised and asked, “What do you mean?”