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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4496 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4496 Start

The old lady sighed helplessly and seriously reminded, “Nicolas, I have to tell you clearly,”

“Whether you hate Changying in your heart or not, I can’t care less,”

“But the attitude you show towards him must be changed in the future!”

Nicolas’s stubbornness came up and he said in a stern voice:

“I won’t change! In the future, when I die, even if the King of Hell calls the Jade Emperor,”

“And the Buddha for a three-chamber trial, I will never change my attitude toward Changying!”

The old lady said angrily, “Okay! You can do it! You don’t change! When Charlie comes back,”

“And the family mentions Margaret and Changying, if you dare to say this in front of him,”

“Charlie will definitely break off the relationship with you!”

“If you force my grandson away, who I’ve managed to get back,”

“I’ll cut off too! If you don’t believe me, just wait and see!”

Nicolas was furious just now, but when he heard these words, he was like a deflated ball.

He knew that the old lady would not be able to break off her relationship with him,

But if her grandson Charlie really came back, if he still had this attitude,

His grandson would definitely not forgive him.

After all, no one will accept other people to humiliate their deceased parents.

Thinking of this, Nicolas sighed deeply, and declined to speak:

“You’re right …… I’ll change …… I’ll definitely change …… “

And continued with some low emotion: “I do not know before I die, can still see Charlie again ……”

The old lady saw his attitude change, the tone of voice also loosened, spoke comfortingly:

“Do not worry, I believe it will not take long, Charlie will come back.”

Nicolas was busy asking, “Why are you so sure?”

The old lady said seriously, “Sara has come, Charlie will not be far away,”

“God will definitely let Charlie come back for the sake of Sara’s infatuation.”

“God ……” Nicolas heard this, and can’t help but mutter a sentence, the heart half believes and the other half doubts.

At this time, Marshal, who was on the side, spoke up,

“Dad, you were able to have a good comeback this time, all thanks to Charlie’s fiancee,”

“I think this is the will of God, if God is so favorable to you, he will definitely let you see Charlie alive.”

When Nicolas heard this, he nodded thoughtfully.

At that moment, a staff member came quickly and said respectfully,

“Master and Madam, Inspector Li from the NYPD is downstairs and says he wants to come up for a visit.”

Nicolas said in surprise, “Duncan Li? Quickly, let this boy come up!”

The old lady reminded on the side,

“Duncan is not a few years away from Marshal, and he is already over fifty this year.”

“Oh ……” Nicolas suddenly came back to his senses,

When he remembered Duncan just now, he thought it was twenty years ago.

Soon, Duncan, accompanied by the staff, took the elevator to the top floor of the Anbang Building.

As soon as he saw Nicolas, he hurriedly went forward and said respectfully,

“Uncle An, are you feeling well? Originally I wanted to come to Los Angeles with Marshal to see you,”

“But things were really a bit too much these days, so I wasn’t able to visit you, please forgive me!”

Nicolas looked at him and asked in surprise, “You are Duncan?”

Duncan was stunned, looked at the others, and then looked at Nicolas and nodded:

“It’s me, Uncle An, I’m Duncan, Duncan Li.”

Nicolas could not help but say, “You …… how you are now with your father almost gone those two years,”

“Your aunt told me that you are more than fifty this year,”

“I see you at least must be more than sixty, what is the matter? How did you create this for yourself”

Duncan said awkwardly: “Why …… these years I have been busy with work, transitional work,”

“And did not pay attention to maintenance, but not older than the average person of the same age ……”

Saying that Duncan added: “Oh yes Uncle Li, you do not look at me as only fifty years old, I have retired early.”

Nicolas was even more puzzled, frowned, and asked, “Why did you retire so early?”

Duncan smiled bitterly: “I originally intended to retire next year, these years I have neglected my wife and children,”

“They are angry with me, they moved to Houston two years ago,”

“If I do not retire early to accompany them, I am afraid they will cut off relations with me in the future.”

Nicolas couldn’t help but ask, “Intended to retire next year, how come you’re retiring early now?”

Duncan shrugged his shoulders awkwardly:

“Uncle, this matter is like a child without a mother, it’s a long story ……”