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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4494 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4494 Start

When Margaret was in Silicon Valley, she invested at a very low price in a large number of future potential companies,

And in order to better help these investments to do deeper capital operations,

The An family came to the financial center of the United States, New York,

Where the core of the entire An family was established.

The An family has many group companies and countless investments,

But the real core group of the An family is the Anbang Group.

After the establishment of the Anbang Group, Margaret merged the fund,

That invested in Silicon Valley into the Anbang Group,

Making the Group the largest Internet venture capital enterprise in the United States at once,

And also the most important core enterprise of the entire An family.

Charlie’s grandfather, Nicolas, had been working in Anbang Mansion before he retired.

Later, he handed over the management of the family business to Charlie’s second uncle, Marcus,

So this became the office of Marcus.

On weekdays, only Charlie’s great-uncle Marshal accompanies the old couple in Los Angeles,

While second uncle Marcus, third uncle Martel and aunt Tece are all working in New York.

Some time ago Nicolas’s health was getting worse and worse,

So the others temporarily put aside their work and returned to Los Angeles to be with him.

Nicolas has been suffering from Alzheimer’s since he left office,

So he has hardly been here over the years, and when he suddenly returned here,

He was a bit dazed, so he walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows,

Overlooking the view of Manhattan, and sighed softly:

“The building is still the same, but the outside seems to have changed a lot… …”

Marshal knew that Nicolas’s memory had regressed to twenty years ago,

And the Manhattan of twenty years ago was naturally very different from now.

So, he went to the front and spoke, “Dad, Manhattan has changed a lot over the years.”

Nicolas nodded, pointed to a building even higher in the distance, and asked him,

“Marshal, what is that building, why is it so high? I haven’t seen it before.”

Marshal said, “Dad, that’s the World Trade Center,”

“It was built and put into use a few years ago, and now it’s the tallest building in New York.”

“Wow ……” Nicolas nodded slightly and said thoughtfully, “I don’t have any impression …… “

Marshal then said: “Dad, you haven’t been to New York much in the past few years,”

“You may not have seen much of this building.”

Nicolas let out a bitter laugh: “The brain is not good, even if I have seen it, I can not remember.”

After saying that, he turned his head to look at Marcus and instructed,

“Marcus, if you can get Charlie back in the future,”

“This building should be given to him, after all, it is his mother’s hard work.”

Marcus said without thinking, “Okay dad, I’ll write it down,”

“After I find Charlie in the future, I’ll give him the ownership of this building.”

Nicolas nodded, his mouth softly chattered,

“I wonder if Charlie looks like his father or his mother now,”

“I remember that he looked more like Margaret when he was a child?”

The old lady said, “Actually, he looks more like Changying,”

“Both parents’ shadows are there, but I feel more like Changying’s charm after he grows up,”

“He will definitely look more like Changying, definitely like his father, he is a handsome boy.”

Nicolas paused slightly and lamented, “Hey …… Changying ah Changying ……”

“This boy, everywhere he was good, just do not know how to lift up!”

Nicolas suddenly became a bit emotional and said,

“Tell me, if he had listened to me, he would have been happy to join the An family,”

“With my character, with my spoiling my daughter! Would I have let him suffer in the An family?”

Nicolas suddenly snapped, causing a group of people to look at each other.

Everyone knew that this was the hurdle that Nicolas had been unable to get over in his heart.

He had never understood, with the strength and sincerity of the An family back then,

Why Changying insisted on returning to Eastcliff.