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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4490 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4490 Start

At least he will not subsequently bring too much pressure on Hogan.

Duncan returned to the police station on the way, his friend Marshal also called,

Came up and asked with concern: “Duncan, what is the situation? Did you get shot from above?”

“Yes.” Duncan let out a bitter smile and said,

“This wave of public opinion attack is too vicious, and can only put me, an old man, out to gain sympathy.”

Marshal sighed and spoke, “In fact, this matter you should not go to check those murderers ……”

Duncan said helplessly: “The wood is already gone, now it’s too late to say this,”

“Moreover, my character also does not allow me to turn a blind eye to this kind of violence against violent crime.”

Marshal gave a hint and asked him, “So what are your plans next?”

Duncan said, “I am now going back to the police station to hand over my work,”

“And tomorrow I will officially start the process to retire.”

He remembered something and said, “Is the old man doing better now?”

“I’d like to come to Los Angeles to see him, he’s very sick this time,”

“I didn’t even come there to see, it’s really a bit unjustified.”

Marshal said: “You should not come to Los Angeles,”

“The old lady wants to come to New York to see Miss Gu’s concert,”

“The requirement is that we children must also be present,”

“The old man was convinced by her, we are coming tomorrow noon together.”

Duncan exclaimed: “The old man all these years can not remember things?”

“But why is he willing to come to New York this time?”

Marshal said: “The old man now as long as he opens his eyes,”

“The old lady will first spend an hour or so to give him something to learn,”

“In his situation, he does not remember the nearly 20 years of things,”

“She briefly tells him something once, the same rhetoric has to be repeated seven or eight times a day,”

“He heard that Miss Gu is his grandson-in-law’s fiancee, and also saved his life,”

“So he agreed to go over together.”

Duncan then said, “So what are your arrangements for tomorrow? See if you have time to have a meal together?”

Marshal said, “Okay, tomorrow at noon we will go to the Anbang Mansion in Manhattan.”

“The An family has so many properties, except for the Los Angeles estate,”

“The old man’s favorite is the Anbang Mansion, why don’t you come over tomorrow for lunch?”

Duncan sighed: “Anbang Mansion, it was your sister’s strong investment back then, right?”

“Yes.” Marshal said, “Whatever is related to my sister, the old man has deep feelings for that.”

“Understandable.” Duncan spoke: “Marshal, the owner of the roast goose store,”

“I always feel that he is not quite right, while I still have some contacts in the bureau,”

“In the next two days, I plan to check his bottom.”

Marshal silent for a moment, sighed:

“Forget it, Duncan, whether he really has any hidden agenda, I do not intend to explore,”

“After all, Miss Gu has a favor to the An family.”

“Understood.” Duncan said readily, “Then let’s not bother with him.”

Marshal thanked: “It’s hard for you to worry about Duncan, let’s meet tomorrow and talk more about it!”

“Okay!” Duncan said, “Let me know when you arrive tomorrow, and I’ll go over.”


The two brothers hung up the phone, Duncan held the phone with a complicated expression.

The owner of the roast goose store, Duncan always felt weird about him,

Not to mention whether he had any hidden connection with Marshal,

Just his relationship with Sara, let Duncan’s heart suspicious.

He felt that the murderer who kidnapped and brutally killed Randal should be related to Stella and Sara.

Now, Stella’s path has become a dead end, if he wants to go back to the root,

Then there is only Sara who has this line!

Thinking of this, he still has some reluctance in his heart.

At this time, his subordinate called, once connected,

The other party asked impatiently: “Chief, why did you retire early?

Duncan smiled and said, “I retired early, so I can give the people an explanation,”

“And also give the bureau a step, which is the optimal solution right now.”

“Huh!” The other party let out a long sigh and said,

“This thing is really fcuking fcuked up!”