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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 449 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 449 Start

Charlie made an appointment with Aoxue, and met at the Aurous Hill School of Finance and Economics where she was studying in the evening, and then returned home with the 300-year-old purple ginseng.

On the way, Charlie called Mr. Orvel and Issac respectively, telling them that someone was worried about Tianqi’s medicine, so they asked them to send someone to protect Tianqi secretly while staring at Kobayashi Ichiro secretly.

Issac had been in Aurous Hill for many years and had a great influence, so Charlie asked him to set up a secret sentry directly at the airport and observed at Ichiro Kobayashi, not allowing him to leave Aurous Hill casually.

He knew that Kobayashi Pharmaceutical must be planning to take away the magic medicine from Tianqi and return to Japan to study its ingredients.

Therefore, he was going to dig a big hole for Kobayashi Ichiro.

At this time, Ichiro Kobayashi didn’t know that Charlie had already woven an invisible big net, which firmly covered him inside.

In the evening, Charlie came to Aurous Hill College of Finance and Economics as scheduled, and Aoxue was already waiting for him outside the school gate.

Seeing him coming, Aoxue hurriedly stepped forward and said anxiously: “Mr. Wade! My bestie seems to be jumping off the building, please come with me and have a look!”

Charlie hurriedly asked: “What’s the situation?”

Aoxue said: “After having dinner in the cafeteria, I watched her secretly. The s*umbag scolded her again, slapped her and left. My best friend was crying and wandering by the artificial lake. After a long time, I’m afraid she can’t think about it, and a few classmates are observing her secretly!”

Charlie nodded and said, “It shouldn’t be too late. Take me there quickly.”

Before coming, Charlie used his mobile phone to check what Aoxue said. It is called the art of hitting up in the s*umbag circle, and it has now developed to the point where it is a little deformed and abnormal.

This group of people takes pleasure in playing with and hurting women, and immersed in it and enjoys it.

Many girls are confused by them, and it is easy to do things that hurt them, and some even sacrifice their lives.

So Charlie was also very anxious to get angry, just thinking about seeing that girl first to see what was going on with her.

Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics is very famous and is ranked among the top three universities of finance and economics in the country. The school covers a large area with beautiful scenery, and there is a very large artificial lake inside.

Aoxue brought Charlie to the artificial lake. A girl hiding in the dark rushed over and said to Aoxue: “Aoxue, you can come back. Liuyue has been wandering by the lake for a long time. I’m really afraid of her. She could jump in impulsively!”

Aoxue hurriedly asked, “Where is she now?”

The girl pointed to a dark shadow near the artificial lake and said, “She’s there!”

As soon as Charlie looked over, she saw that the dark shadow suddenly jumped and jumped into the lake with a thud.

Several girls screamed in fright, Charlie rushed over without saying a word, plunged into the lake, and picked up the girl who was about to sink.

The girl was begging for death and suddenly felt that she was picked up by someone and pushed to the surface of the water. She cried and shouted: “Don’t save me, let me die, I am not pure, I am not clean, I am sorry Wu Qi, I am sorry for his love for me…”