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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4487 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4487 Start

Duncan immediately angrily retorted: “If we withdraw the people now, it will be a complete loss for us!”

The director asked rhetorically: “Hasn’t it been thoroughly searched? How much longer do you want to search?”

“Even if I give you a month’s time to tear down this building, you will not be able to find the people!”

Duncan blurted out, “Director, you let the special operations team search again,”

“I think she definitely can’t escape, maybe she’s hiding somewhere in the Fei Group!”

The chief said angrily: “Li, I know you are close to retirement, encountered such a case,”

“In heart, you must not be convinced, but I tell you, now this matter has been in front of the media,”

“And in public, it has sparked a huge discontent, now the Internet is full of curses for police,”

“The mayor has made countless calls accusing us!”

Duncan said: “That’s why we have to catch Ruoli and find a way to force her,”

“To give the cause and effect of the Cataclysmic Front’s involvement in this matter!”

The director scolded: “You’re out of your mind, right? Whether or not those people were killed by the Cataclysmic Front,”

“I’ll tell you one thing, now the people of the United States and even the world are applauding the death of these people,”

“And they all regard the killer behind the scenes as a hero,”

“Even the mayor asked us to stop the investigation, you still want to disobey the mayor’s orders?

Duncan was suddenly dumbfounded by the question.

He was silent for a moment and asked, “Director, it’s okay to close the team now,”

“But what about after that? Will this matter never be investigated?”

The director waved his hand and said, “This matter is not your concern,”

“You have less than a year to retire, tomorrow just hand over the work,”

“Take a leave period before retirement, rest at home when you retire,”

“I will give you a grand send-off ceremony, an honorable retirement.”

When Duncan heard this, he suddenly became anxious and said angrily: “You want me to get out now?

The director said word by word: “No, I just want you to take a break and leave the rest of the work to someone else.”

Saying that, the director patiently advised, “Li, you have dedicated so many years to the police department,”

“Think of it as leaving more opportunities for young people,”

“Before you retire, as for yourself, just go and take a good rest.”

“No way!” Duncan said in a cold voice: “There is no way I can retire early until this case is solved!”

“I can’t allow my years of police career to end up with such a humiliating case to retire with!”

After saying that, he threatened, “Chief, if you want to take this case out of my hands,”

“Then I will go to the mayor to complain against you!”

“Complaining about me?” The director gave a bitter laugh, then said helplessly:

“Li, I told you clearly, next year’s mayoral election, the current mayor is seeking a re-election,”

“This case has already brought a great negative impact on his re-election,”

“If now because we provoke public anger, then the hope of re-election will be completely lost!”

“So, it’s not me who wants you to retire early, it’s the mayor who wants you to retire early!”

When these words came out, Duncan was dumbfounded.

He really didn’t expect that the mayor, who had repeatedly praised him in public, wanted him to retire early.

The director saw that he could not say anything, so he continued to add:

“Li, there are only two options in front of you, the first is that you take the initiative to apply for early retirement,”

“This case will make you lose some face, but at least will not let you lose your reputation,”

“It is just a stain, as the people say, not a sage, who can not be faulted,”

“There is such a stain, it will not have much effect on you.”

“Besides, as the Police Commissioner, this case will also leave a stain on my resume,”

“I can face it openly, what do you have to hesitate about?”

Speaking of which, the Commissioner cleared his throat and added:

“Ahem …… Li, if you do not want to do this, then the Police will publicly announce the suspension of your work,”

“as for the reason for suspending your work, in view of the fact that you have unshirkable responsibility,”

“In a number of aspects of this series of cases, including but not limited to the fact that,”

“For so long failed to discover the facts of Randal and other people’s crimes,”

“As well as Randal’s kidnapping case until he was torn by the murderer you failed to catch them!”