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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4481 Free Novel

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Especially when he saw that he was now strong and accomplished, he was sincerely happy for his old benefactor

At a certain moment, he also moved the idea of serving for Charlie to repay Changying’s kindness.

However, on second thought, he felt that he was just an illegal immigrant,

Who had been selling roast goose in Chinatown for more than ten years,

While Charlie had long been a top tycoon worth hundreds of billions of dollars,

And the difference between himself and him was really a difference between clouds and mud in a deep well.

After all, the difference in strength is too great, even if he has a passion for repaying kindness,

But in the eyes of outsiders, he may be, under the guise of repaying kindness, trying to climb up the ladder.

What’s more, Charlie may not really need his help, maybe he opened his mouth, but just give him trouble.

Therefore, Hogan thought about it but gave up the idea of offering himself.

And what he didn’t know was that although Charlie was eager for virtuous people,

He didn’t want him to serve him with a heavy past.

Therefore, his intention was to first help Hogan achieve nirvana and rebirth.

Moreover, with Charlie’s character, he did not like to hang on to his mouth before things were done,

So he did not reveal half a word to this old man.

As he parted, Hogan’s eyes were red and he said to Charlie,

“Young Master Wade, please take care of yourself!”

Charlie also said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Uncle Chen, I will.”

Saying that Charlie took out a blood dispersing heart-saving pill from his pocket and put it in Hogan’s hand,

Saying seriously, “Uncle Chen, this pill can cure a hundred diseases and help heal a thousand wounds,”

“You just keep it by your side, just in case.”

Hogan hurriedly wanted to stuff the pill back into Charlie’s hand and said with trepidation,

“Young Master Wade, how can I …… accept this great gift …… please take it back!”

Charlie shook his head, pushed him away slightly, and said seriously:

“Uncle Chen, if my father were alive, he would consider you as his brother,”

“And I believe you would also consider me as your own son,”

“So it is only natural for me, as a junior, to pay respect to you.”

After saying that, he took two steps back, slightly arched his hand, and said,

“See you later,” before turning around to leave.

By the time Hogan chased him out, Charlie had already gone far away.

At this time, Charlie was walking like a fly, not even looking back,

Hogan looked at the medicine box in his hand, only felt like a lump in his throat,

Unconsciously, his eyes are already full of tears.

After saying goodbye to Hogan, Charlie took a car and went to Long Beach.

Ruoli had already evacuated in time, but Joseph,

And the other members of the Cataclysmic Front were still here.

Therefore, Charlie went directly to the villa that the Cataclysmic Front had rented.

After Joseph was ordered to solve all the sgum in New York who were involved,

With Randal in the early morning, he was here waiting for Charlie’s next instruction.

After Charlie arrived, he personally ran out of the villa to greet him and said respectfully,

“Mr. Wade, the tasks you gave me have all been successfully completed.”

Charlie nodded and spoke, “Joseph, you have done a good job this time,”

“Not only did you kill all the sgum that should be killed, but the matter was also done very beautifully,”

“It is almost time for you and the other brothers to withdraw,”

“The ten billion dollars that the Fei family gave to the Cataclysmic Front arrive,”

“After you go back, you should build up the base of the Cataclysmic Front.”

Hearing that Charlie was leaving, Hogan had an extraordinarily complicated expression.

To Charlie, although he had only just met him, but because Charlie’s father had a kindness to him,

Plus Charlie himself also made him very appreciated, so he also developed a very kind feeling towards him.