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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4479 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4479 Start

Now that Charlie thinks about it, at that time he heard the news of his grandfather’s critical illness,

As he was sitting on the second floor of the restaurant,

And then immediately asked Sara to take the blood dispersal heart-saving pill to Los Angeles,

A move that he made and did not have time to do any cover-up at all.

Therefore, as long as the great uncle’s side starts backtracking from Sara’s trajectory after arriving in Los Angeles,

It will definitely focus its attention on Uncle Chen’s roast goose store.

Hogan could see Charlie’s helplessness and knew what he was thinking,

So he spoke up and said comfortingly, “Young Master Wade, people’s lives were at stake,”

“You had no other good choice at that time,”

“And it’s good that your great uncle should not have noticed your presence yet.”

Charlie sighed: “I came to your store with Sara if he found the CCTV footage,”

“He would probably recognize me, I guess Duncan sent someone to look for your CCTV footage here,”

“It is also to find out who Sara was with and what was special about her.”

Hogan smiled slightly and said, “You can rest assured that there are not many security cameras outside of Chinatown,”

“There used to be some, but they were smashed, and then simply not installed,”

“There is no security camera outside the front door of my store,”

“And even if there is, because of the angle problem, it is impossible to shoot the side here.”

Saying that Hogan continued: “We opened the store, and dare not hang the camera outside the store,”

“So generally the most outside camera is also installed on the inside of the door at the top,”

“And then diagonally to the entire storefront range,”

“But because the camera angle is diagonally down forty-five degrees position,”

“So at most only to their side of the sidewalk, can not shoot the motorway,”

“More Can not shoot the opposite, so you do not have to worry.”

Charlie heard this, and nodded gently: “That’s the best.”

Hogan said with somewhat melancholy: “Young Master Wade since you do not want to expose yourself,”

“Then to this place, you should try not to come in the future ……”

“This place has got your great uncle and Duncan Li’s attention,”

“In the future, they will certainly focus on me here.”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded and said seriously, “After Sara’s concert tomorrow,”

“I may not come back to New York for a short period of time,”

“Here I met so many experiences and I don’t have a good feeling in my heart about it, So in future, I will avoid this city.”

Hogan smiled, nodded with a little melancholy, and said,

“Rarely can you find the second city in this world that has so much to offer,”

“Whether it’s the glamorous Wall Street or the slums,”

“Everywhere there is something that characterizes the group and their negative aspects;”

“The evil of the slums is straightforward, violence, shooting, drug bays, human trade,”

“But the evil of Wall Street is much more terrible than the slums, those sitting in the skyscrapers of Wall Street,”

“Just sitting together, with the burning of a cigar, can decide the life and death of a third world country,”

“And its tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people,”

“In the face of profit, treating human life as if it is nothing.”

Charlie saw that Hogan was also quite emotional, so he could not help but ask:

“Uncle Chen, you have come to the United States for so many years, have you ever thought of going back?”

Hogan was slightly stunned, then looked up at Charlie, and said seriously:

“Young Master Wade, to be honest, I want to go back, although my old father is no longer alive,”

“But my mother is still alive, and now has entered the old age,”

“I also want to do my filial piety around her ……”

Speaking of this, Hogan lightly sighed: “Only, Mr. Gu went to make peace with Liu Sheng for me back then, I promised the surname Liu in front of the two of them, never to return to Hong Kong Island in this life.”

Charlie said indifferently: “Uncle Chen, just Liu Sheng of Hong Kong Island,”

“I really don’t care about him, as long as you want to go back, I will solve all this for you.”