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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4478 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4478 Start

Hogan continued: “But the rich people in the rich district are responsible for it,”

“And they patrol with cars in the rich district donated by the rich people,”

“In such places, not only 24-hour people on duty but also 24 hours there are police patrol,”

“But for the minority gathering places, we do not generally see the shadow of the police at all.”

Charlie nodded gently and sighed, “So that’s how it is,”

“For someone like me who doesn’t understand the situation, I simply can’t see what’s abnormal here.”

Charlie admired Hogan’s acumen in detail and couldn’t help but praise him,

“I guess they must have thought they had performed very well,”

“They just didn’t expect to be able to hide from your discerning eyes.”

Hogan waved his hand and said modestly, “Young Master Wade is praising me,”

“How can I be considered to have a good eye,”

“But I have been in Chinatown for so many years, so I am too familiar with this place.

Hogan said, and gave a faint smile and said: “Not exaggerated, you live in a place for a long time,”

“Even if the dog next door is barking more than the usual change point, you are able to notice it.”

As he continued and asked Charlie with concern, “Young Master Wade, why are the police on you?”

“Is it because they have some clues from the Cataclysmic Front?”

Charlie shook his head and said, “The Cataclysmic Front didn’t leave any clues,”

“But I myself had something to think about and let a girl with a sensitive identity,”

“Bring the Fei family’s members to New York, I really didn’t think so carefully at that time,”

“I just naturally let that girl bring people over,”

“But ignored that she would leave clues after entering the country.”

Saying that, Charlie added: “Duncan Li has led people to blockade the headquarters of the Fei Group,”

“Fortunately I received the news in advance and let the girl go first,”

“Otherwise in case they really had found her, things would have really been a bit tricky.”

Hogan hurriedly asked, “Young Master Wade, what is the specific situation, can you tell me in detail?”

Charlie had nothing to hide from Hogan, so he told him about the whole process,

Of having Ruoli escorting the two people of the Fei family to Syria,

And then temporarily having her bring them to New York.

After hearing this, Hogan nodded slightly and said,

“This matter is indeed a little ill-considered, but it is understandable,”

“You have handled the whole very well, one or two small details a little ill-considered it is human nature.”

Speaking of this, Hogan sighed: “Duncan this time a little ill-considered huh!”

“Blocking Fei’s group with so much fanfare, if he can’t find anyone, his good days will come to an end.”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded, “I also didn’t expect that he would act so impulsively.”

“It’s also understandable.” Hogan said: “He used to be too smooth,”

“His own cases almost all solved, others who can not solve the case they seek his help,”

“He also has succeeded in solving the one case after another, the fame is great,”

“Now he is looking to retire, and he faces such a big incident,”

“The impact is his half-life hard work reputation and image are at stake,”

“In such times, his mentality will certainly be greatly affected.”

“Like a professor in the field of mathematics,”

“In his lifetime all the difficult problems have not been able to defeat him,”

“Would have been able to retire with a winning record,”

“But at this time a series of a dozen or more puzzles he could not solve,”

“And everyone below the podium wants to see how he solves the problem,”

“In this case, it is certainly difficult to control his state of mind. “

“It is really like that.” Charlie nodded in agreement and said, “This matter is indeed a bit unfair to him as well.”

Hogan smiled faintly and said, “Time is also fate dependent, not everyone can get a smooth sailing,”

“We always have to suffer some setbacks, it’s just a matter of time, just sooner or later.”

After saying that, he asked Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, since you said that the Cataclysmic Front did not leak any clues about you,”

“Then why did the police find me here?”

Charlie thought for a moment and spoke, “It should be because of my great uncle ……”