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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4477 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4477 Start

Hogan explained: “This morning just opened the store and a middle-aged Chinese came to the store.”

“After sitting down to order a random meal then started staring at my three security cameras non-stop,”

“You think about it, serious people go to the restaurant to eat,”

“Who will pay attention to the monitoring situation?”

“So I guessed at the time that he was either a gangster who wanted to grab some cash from me or a plainclothes cop.”

Charlie pursued: “And after that? He left after dinner?”

“Yes.” Hogan said, “The guy finished his meal very quickly, paid the money, and left in a hurry,”

“As soon as he left, I hurried to remove the hard disk in the recorder.”

Charlie nodded and said seriously, “Since the other party is ruled out as a gangster,”

“Who intends to rob some cash, then 80% is the police.”

“Right.” Hogan said, “I was afraid that the police had made such a big detour,”

“To find the CCTV footage of you and Miss Gu, so I destroyed the hard drive first,”

“But then suddenly there was a scene of robbing a cell phone at the door,”

“These two things together, the other party’s motive is clear,”

“Definitely wanted to find an opportunity to remove my hard drive back to investigate,”

“So I gave you a wink, wanted you to not come over first.”

Charlie suddenly realized, and could not help but ask:

“Uncle Chen, to be honest, if you did not give me a wink,”

“I really did not see what was wrong with this matter, how did you judge it?”

Hogan smiled slightly: “They did this scene, the script is quite well thought out,”

“But the director and actors’ choreography is still a bit clumsy,”

“To put it bluntly without the key details, you write the script with no key details,”

“That person looking at it with interest can certainly see the flaw.”

Said this and continued, “It’s like people are saying that there is no real perfect crime in the world,”

“But in my opinion, although it can not do absolute perfection,”

“But can do it with relative perfection, as long as the killer’s heart,”

“Then all the police are fine, then even if his crime does not reach absolute perfection, it will not be found.”

Charlie nodded with an educated face, and couldn’t help but ask with great curiosity,

“Uncle Chen, how did you find out that there was something wrong with this woman?”

Hogan said: “You may not know much, in fact, in Chinatown, although the public opinion is mixed,”

“No matter the overall chaos, but generally there really will not be a Chinese daring to rob in the street here,”

“After all, we are all Chinese, it is easy to inquire who did it,”

“Not to mention that Chinatown is cooped up in several Chinese gangs,”

“They are here to collect protection fees in the area, but also set a lot of rules,”

“General thieves really do not dare to rob in the street or make a move in Chinatown in broad daylight,”

“So this woman was robbed in front of my store in broad daylight,”

“It itself is not quite reasonable. Combined with the person who came to the store in the morning,”

“I can basically determine that she had a problem.”

“In addition, there was another thing wrong. The thing is that Chinatown is such a place,”

“The police is called, even in half an hour it is unlikely to have a police car over,”

“This time surprisingly it took them less than ten minutes to come, see it was all prepared.”

Charlie asked incomprehensibly, “So police take a long time to come over?”

“Right.” Hogan said: “Here, in the minority or ethnically dominated places,”

“The police are generally not asked to come on one hand, on the one hand,”

“There are many gangs, and a high degree of autonomy, the police are generally reluctant to get involved.”

“And as well no one in the district does the police sponsorship,”

“So the police force itself is small, the response speed is naturally not very fast.”

“Here, everything is market-oriented, the police is also the same,”

“Each rich district in New York with the New York police precincts,”

“For the police salary, it is not the city government that is responsible for it,”