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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4472 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4472 Start

Duncan saw Stella separate oil and salt, so he opened his mouth and threatened:

“Miss Fei, I think you also know the identity behind Ruoli, if I go back and apply for a search warrant to block this place,”

“Then if the media reporters ask, I will answer truthfully and suspect that Fei’s group has,”

“A relationship with Cataclysmic Front, then how will Miss Fei explain to the American people?”

Stella said blandly: “My grandfather and I were chased and attacked overseas,”

“And it was Miss Su who protected us all the way back to the U.S.”

“I don’t know exactly what Miss Su’s identity is, I only know that she is my benefactor,”

“My friend, and even if she is a member of the Cataclysmic Front, then I would like to ask,”

“Is there any provision in the U.S. law that does not allow U.S. citizens,”

“To be friends with members of the Cataclysmic Front? “

Duncan coldly said: “Miss Fei, I think you should know, your nephew Randal and other people who were killed last night,”

“Were killed by the hands of the Cataclysmic Front,”

“You can hold a press conference today as the head of the board, must also be related to the Cataclysmic Front!”

Speaking of this, Duncan’s voice raised a few points, threatening:

“Miss Fei, if this matter gets out, do you think the outside world will think that the reason,”

“Why Randal died is that Miss Fei, in order to compete for the family inheritance,”

“You have reached some kind of cooperation agreement with the Cataclysmic Front,”

“Hired the Cataclysmic Front out to exterminate the relatives?”

“When the time comes, we may have to investigate you on suspicion of hire for murder,”

“Which I’m afraid will affect your hard-fought future!”

Stella did not care, “It does not matter, if you want to investigate, you can feel free to investigate,”

“I Stella Fei will cooperate fully, even if the outside world suspicion does not matter,”

“What is clear is clear, I will not be coerced by you to do things I did not do!”

“Okay!” Duncan said: “Miss Fei, I may as well tell you, I came up, I have asked the relevant staff downstairs,”

“I gave them a look at Ruoli’s photo information,”

“They all told me that they saw Ruoli accompany you in, and has not left,”

“So I believe that she is definitely in the Fei Group.”

After saying that, he looked at Stella in a cold voice:

“If Miss Fei is willing to cooperate, now and call Ruoli over,”

“If you insist on refusing to cooperate, then I can only order the headquarters of the Fei Group to be temporarily closed,”

“When things go wrong, Miss Fei all the consequences you should bear at your own risk!”

Stella smiled faintly, clutching her shoulders, and said lightly:

“I’m not going to lie to Inspector Li, although I’m not old,”

“But what big battles are there that I have not seen, you do not need to bully me here,”

“If you want to close the Fei Group, then be my guest!”

At this time, Stella believes Charlie must have informed Ruoli in advance.

With Ruoli’s thunderous style of action, she might be on her way to the airport by now.

Therefore, she is also not the least bit worried about Duncan closing the Fei Group.

Duncan’s heart was irritated, the successive defeats had made him lose his mind,

At this time he angrily took out his cell phone, called his men, and ordered,

“From now on, block all the entrances and exits of Fei’s Group, temporarily do not allow anyone to leave!”

The subordinate asked in surprise: “Inspector …… Fei’s group has hundreds of reporters…..”

“This action is not a little too big?”

Duncan looked at Stella and said in a cold voice: “I now suspect that the chairman of the Fei Group is associated with overseas terrorists,”

“You immediately closed the entire Fei Group, I will now call the director to come with a search warrant!”

To Duncan, Ruoli was the only clue he could find at the moment.

Therefore, he knew very well that if he wanted to solve the case,

He had to find Ruoli first and then find a way to dig deeper from her body for other clues related to the Cataclysmic Front.

Otherwise, once Ruoli and the people of the Cataclysmic Front withdraw from the United States,

Then this series of lynching execution cases that happened in New York this time,

Will not only have no possibility of solving the case,

But at the same time, it will become the biggest shame of his own career as a police officer.