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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4471 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4471 Start

Hearing Duncan suddenly ask about Ruoli, Stella’s heart, all of a sudden, tensed up.

She knew that Ruoli’s identity was relatively sensitive, and if Duncan had set his eyes on Ruoli,

She was afraid that he had already suspected the head of the Cataclysmic Front.

And she is also very clear, Duncan directly wants to find Ruoli,

It must be that he has found out Ruoli and herself coming together from the entry information,

They certainly can not play sloppy with Duncan at this time,

Otherwise, in case he bids not to let go, there will certainly be trouble.

On the other end of the phone, Charlie, hearing Duncan ask for Ruoli,

Also realized that Duncan must have taken Ruoli as a breakthrough.

At this moment, his heart can not help but show some chagrin,

He let Ruoli escort Stella to Syria, only after considering Ruoli completely credible,

As a woman, also convenient for Stella’s close protection and care.

The reason for this is because of the suddenness of the situation,

And the need to bring Stella back to inherit the Fei family,

And it was only natural to have Ruoli escort her to New York at that time.

But now he realized that he should not have let her enter New York,

Once she entered, she would naturally leave entry information,

And Ruoli’s fame is relatively large, it is inevitable to be watched.

So, he immediately sent a text message to Ruoli with his cell phone WeChat, the content is:

Ruoli, Duncan has been watching you, he is in the Fei family,

You immediately leave New York, go through a special channel back to China,

Let Joseph solve the rest of the matter!

After the message was sent, he heard the phone, Stella said to Duncan:

“Inspector Li, I take the liberty to ask, I wonder why you are looking for Miss Su?”

Duncan was not ambiguous and said directly,

“There is information that she has joined the Cataclysmic Front some time ago,

So I want to consult her about matters related to the Front.”

Stella said very seriously: “Inspector Li, Miss Su is my guest in New York,”

“And she entered the U.S. through legal channels and is also a green card holder,”

“So it’s not appropriate for you to come here so aggressively,”

“To ask her questions when she has not committed any crime?”

Duncan said in a cold voice: “Miss Fei, according to the U.S. law,”

“I have the right of questioning supported by the law in my jurisdiction of responsibility,”

“So I also hope that you do not interfere with my normal law enforcement.”

Hearing this, Stella knew that Duncan was resolute, so she thought in her heart,

“Mr. Wade is listening over the phone right now, I think he will definitely notify Ruoli,”

“To respond in advance, I have to buy some time for her anyway!”

Thinking of this, she put away her friendly attitude just now and said very forcefully,

“Inspector Li, I know you have the right to ask questions,”

“But I also have the right to refuse to answer your questions.”

Duncan coldly snorted, “Miss Fei, I know Ruoli is at your Fei Group’s headquarters,”

“If you let me meet her, then I won’t make this matter too difficult for you,”

“But if you insist on going against me, then don’t blame me for putting your entire Fei Group on lockdown.”

Stella nodded: “If Inspector Li feels the need to blockade, I have no problem with it,”

“But I would like to remind Inspector Li, blocking the Fei Group requires legal authorization documents,”

“Not to mention that I have so many reporters here now who are preparing to withdraw,”

“If you blockade them inside as well, you better have enough legal reasons.”