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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4470 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4470 Start

Stella was silent for a moment.

She knew that what Charlie said was right.

At this time, she should indeed be tougher and set up the authority of the family head.

Only, one person against the entire board of directors,

Which made her more or less like a mane, and did not know exactly where to start.

Charlie spoke at this time: “I have the impression that in most groups,”

“Shares and voting rights correspond in equal proportions if a person holds 10% of the shares,”

“He or she has 10% of the voting rights if a person holds more than 51% of the shares,”

“The voting rights are also more than 51%, theoretically,”

“He or she is the absolute controlling majority shareholder, right?”

Stella was busy saying, “That’s right Mr. Wade, that’s right.”

Charlie added: “But for many large groups, because of the many businesses,”

“Many shareholders, and the public offering of shares, the equity dilution is very strong,”

“And in many large groups, the single largest shareholder holding shares,”

“May sometimes be only twenty to thirty percent, right?”

“Yes.” Stella truthfully said, “The vast majority of listed companies are like this,”

“Take Apple, which has a market capitalization of more than two trillion dollars,”

“The largest shareholder, Pioneer Group, holds only about seven percent of the shares.”

Charlie said, “So in this case, it is necessary to implement the system of AB shares,”

“Take away the voting rights of other shareholders without depriving them of their shares,”

“Even if you can’t achieve an absolute holding of more than 51%,”

“You should at least aim at taking more than 51% of the voting rights in your hands,”

“Only then can you ensure that others can’t shake your foundation. “

Saying that Charlie added:

“You have to remember, today, is the day those shareholders are most afraid of you,”

“No matter if you let them pay the price today, after today,”

“Their fear of you will be dissipated, so you must seize the opportunity.”

When Stella heard this, the whole person was enlightened.

Charlie was right, the current board members were definitely all like suspects.

Who had committed a crime and were waiting for sentencing.

They were all ready to receive punishment themselves,

And if she didn’t take this opportunity to suppress them for a wave,

Then they would create a feeling of impunity after today.

In that case, they would only become more arrogant.

Thinking of this, she immediately said to Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, thank you for your reminder, I understand,”

“Later I will convene a board meeting and ask all board members to surrender,”

“All the voting rights corresponding to their own shareholdings!”

Charlie smiled with satisfaction, “Then I’ll wait for your good news.”

Just then, one of the group’s public relations managers walked over in stride and said to Stella,

“Chairperson, Inspector Duncan Li from the NYPD is here, he said he has something important to ask you.”

Stella frowned and said, “He should be here for the matter of Randal,”

“Let you take care of this matter with him, I have other matters, so I won’t meet with him.”

The PR manager immediately nodded and said, “Okay, then I’ll go communicate with him.”

Stella was about to speak when she heard Charlie on the phone speak,

“Miss Fei, since Duncan ran over to you, then you might as well meet him and see what he really wants.”

“Okay!” Stella immediately agreed and said to the PR manager, “Let Inspector Li in.”

Charlie spoke at this time, “Miss Fei, you don’t have to hang up, I want to hear what he wants to do.”

“Okay, Mr. Wade,” Stella said and put the phone into her pocket.

A few moments later, Duncan walked in with big steps.

After he saw Stella, he asked straight to the point:

“Miss Fei, where is the Miss Ruoli Su who came to New York with you?”

“I have something to ask her face to face!”