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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4468 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4468 Start

Saying that, Charlie added: “Oh yes, I have seen this Miss Fei information online,”

“You just saw at the launch, she also stood in front of three men, the oldest called Douglas Fei,”

“He is the original head of the Fei family, later is his son Dawson Fei more power not to say,”

“His son is rumored to have wanted to kill him to end the future.”

“Ah?” Claire exclaimed: “How can there be such a bad person, even trying to kill his own father?”

Charlie nodded and said, “In the face of powerful interests, no relationship is 100% reliable.”

“I heard a gossip, some time ago this Douglas and Stella disappeared together,”

“The Internet said that they must have been killed by Dawson,”

“Now it seems that they should have gone to hiding,”

“And then came back to the United States to take back control,”

“Which explains why Miss Zhan, oh no, why Miss Fei would leave without saying goodbye,”

“She suddenly disappeared is the reason why she didn’t contact you,”

“Maybe she was trying to escape from the chase.”

Claire nodded gently, her low mood had eased a lot, and said softly,

“If that’s true, Miss Fei’s life is indeed not easy ……”

Charlie nodded and smiled and said: “You do not need to think too much,”

“Since she has now become the head of the Fei family,”

“It is certainly no longer a reason for any worries,”

“I believe she will soon contact you, personally explain the situation to you.”

Claire said somewhat vaguely, “To be honest, I’m quite afraid that she will contact me ……”

Charlie puzzled and asked, “What?”

Claire seriously said, “She is not only the top big family’s young lady,”

“And now also became the head of the whole family, compared with her,”

“People like me simply mediocre can not be even mediocre, which is not enough to be her friend ……”

Charlie said seriously: “Wife, at any time do not presume to be inferior,”

“In my eyes, you are not inferior to anyone.”

Saying that he smiled and said jokingly,

“Moreover, you may feel that the other party is the daughter of a thousand-year-old big family,”

“So you can’t climb high, but others may also feel that,”

“They can’t climb high because you are Master Wade’s wife, in turn.”

Claire thought Charlie was teasing her, and could not help but also jokingly, said:

“People call you Master Wade a few times, you really think you are a master,”

“I tell you the truth since you began to give people feng shui,”

“I always worry that you will one day be arrested by the police ……”

“Just have dreamt about you being caught, not once or twice ……”

Charlie laughed: “wife, you can rest assured that such things as feng shui,”

“Without a willingness to fight or a willingness to suffer, how can the police arrest me ……”

Claire nodded and said, “Later found that you have a very good relationship with your customers,”

“They also trust you, I am not so worried anymore like before.”

Saying that, she asked him, “Honey, are you still going to New York today?”

“Yes.” Charlie said, “I’ll go there after I drop you off at school later,”

“Miss Gu’s first concert starts tomorrow, and I have to open her performance venue today.”

Claire was busy asking, “Then can we go to New York tomorrow to see her concert?”

Charlie was a little hesitant all of a sudden.

Originally, he did plan to take his wife to see Sara’s concert.

And it was to see both New York and Boston.

However, since Sara was in danger and helped him to deliver medicine to Grandpa,

He was more or less worried in his heart.

He was not sure if his grandmother and the rest of his grandmother’s family…

Would go to her concert out of gratitude for her act.

So, he intends to go to New York today, by the way, also go to the performance venue to take a look,

If there is a good private VIP box, it would be good, if not,

Then he has to consider making up an excuse to persuade his wife to give up the concert in New York!