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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4467 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4467 Start

Claire said with some dismay: “It should be the same person ……”

“I have not been able to contact her recently, and thought something had happened to her ……”

After saying that, she looked at Charlie and asked with a puzzled face,

“Honey, why do you think she has to hide her identity in front of me?”

Before Claire graduated from college, she was promised to Charlie in advance by her grandfather,

And after their marriage, she had been a transparent person in the Willson Group,

So she didn’t really have much life experience besides having seen the sinister nature of the Willson family.

In her limited social experience, she really can’t understand why,

A person would want to use another identity to make friends with others.

The other party is deliberately trying to harm her,

Then she uses a false identity, naturally, it can be justified.

However, in the midst of her relationship with herself,

Instead of lying to her, Stella even did her a big favor by introducing her to her idol,

Kelly West, and also got her a place in the master class.

So, she wondered even more about the reason why Stella did that.

However, the matter of Stella’s hidden identity still made her heart very low,

Because she sincerely considered Stella as a good friend but never thought that,

In the end, the identity of her best friend is all fake.

When she thought that she had invested her heart,

But did not even know the other party’s true identity, Claire could not help but have red eyes.

Charlie saw that she was depressed and knew that she must have some disappointment in her heart,

So he spoke and comforted her, “Honey, you don’t have to think too much,”

“You see she comes from such a big family with trillions of dollars,”

“Surely she can’t reveal her true identity,”

“Otherwise there’s no telling how many people will have crooked brains.”

Claire lightly sighed and said, “You say the truth I can understand,”

“But there is still a feeling of being cheated, you know I do not have,”

“Many friends in the first place, and I was sincerely treating her as a good friend ……”

Charlie heard this, a melancholy hit his heart.

He was really afraid to imagine what kind of mood Claire would be in if she knew his true identity.

So he could only excuse Stella: “Wife, in this matter you do not have to be so sad,”

“I think she must also have her hardships, and, Zhan Feier this identity may not be fake,”

“The real rich people, many have several identities, and each identity is real,”

“Only each identity has a different nationality, name, etc,”

“Maybe she just chose to use Zhan Feier as an identity to go to China only.”

“Is that so?” Claire seemed to be in a better mood when she heard Charlie explain like this,

But she still asked with some doubts, “Then what do these rich people need so many different identities for?”

Charlie laughed: “As the saying goes, there are three caves for cunning rabbits,”

“Let alone such top tycoons? Some countries do not allow citizens to have dual citizenship or multiple citizenships,”

“In this case, they have to use multiple identities to solve this problem,”

“Just like you often watch the movie of those agents,”

“Each agent has several passports, several identities, these are also very normal.”

Saying that Charlie continued to comfort:

“You think since she is the Fei family’s golden girl, far away in China,”

“Itself unfamiliar with the place, if they use their real identity,”

“What if in case they are kidnapped? What to do?”

Claire nodded with great understanding and said seriously,

“You’re right, I’m the one who’s a little narrow-minded ……”

Charlie laughed: “You are not narrow-minded, you are too easy to put true feelings on people,”

“So all of a sudden the heart is a bit unacceptable.”