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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4466 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4466 Start

Although Stella represented the Fei family and took most of the blame,

But because her attitude was sincere enough and her solution was reasonable enough,

She got the tolerance of the people instead.

This is also what Charlie had said, set the place to die and then live.

Standing up straight and taking a beating is always much more painful than being scolded with your head covered.

The beating, just this one, as long as in the beating you do not die,

Then you can stand up with the backbone to be a person.

However, once you choose to hide with your head covered,

It is destined to hide for the rest of your life, and can not afford to hold up your spine.

Not to mention a family, even a country has the same.

For those countries that have launched wars of aggression,

Those who choose to admit their mistakes and actively compensate have been forgiven by the vast majority of people,

While those who are unrepentant and never admit their mistakes have been nailed to the pillar of shame.

At this point, Stella faced the media reporters and continued,

“Here, I would like to solemnly state that we are not simply trying to solve all the problems with money,”

“We just want to try to make up for the harm that Randal brought to these families,”

“And at the same time, we dare not ask for forgiveness from the victims’ families,”

“And only hope that they can welcome the new life that belongs to them after the great grief.”

“Even though Randal has been severely punished,”

“The guilt in our hearts is still hard to overcome. I’m sorry!”

As soon as the words left her mouth,

Stella walked out of the lectern and bowed deeply to everyone.

After that, Douglas, Dawson, and Adam also hurriedly followed her and bowed deeply to apologize.

Only after a long time, Stella stood up straight and said aloud:

“From today, we will disclose the progress of the compensation work to the outside world every day,”

“I will later instruct the group’s technical department to develop the group’s home page,”

“And add a real-time information release interface,”

“There everyone can see all the details of this matter on the official website of the Fei Group,”

“And if there is If there is a major event, we will also hold a press conference to announce it to everyone.”

After that, Stella continued, “That’s it for today’s conference, thank you! Thank you!”

The press conference was over, and the public opinion about the Fei family changed,

From a universal accusation at the beginning to praise all of a sudden.

Stella’s handling of the situation left everyone speechless and made the vast majority of people appreciate her,

And in front of the TV set and on the internet, people were not stingy with their praise.

After watching the whole conference in the hotel living room,

Charlie also recognized Stella’s normal performance, and he knew,

That as long as Stella could actually land her promise, the Fei family’s hurdle would be over.

However, his wife Claire was still watching the TV at this time, with a shocked face unable to speak.

After a long time, she asked Charlie with a bewildered face:

“Husband …… This Miss Fei …… should be Zhan Feier, right?”

“I see that she is very similar to her in all aspects, even her voice is very similar ……”

Previously, Stella had been alias Zhan Feier to approach Claire,

And even became good friends with her, and after Douglas was displaced by his son some time ago,

Charlie let Ruoli take Stella on board, Claire lost her contact information.

During this period of time, Claire has been somewhat worried about Stella’s safety,

But today, after watching the Fei family’s launch, she realized that,

Stella who was wearing a professional suit at the launch had a 90% resemblance to Zhan Feier,

So much so that her whole body fell into a kind of bewilderment.

Charlie at this time can only play dumb and said,

“She does look very similar, but if it is the person, I can’t say ……”