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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4464 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4464 Start

Because, in the past, when it comes to similar situations,

Even if the big families admit fault with a good attitude,

They will only admit a secondary responsibility at most,

Such as their supervision was not enough or something like that.

Like Stella, the word “major responsibility” directly on their own, it is extremely rare.

At this time, everyone put away the disdain just now and began to listen intently to Stella’s next words.

At this time, she said seriously: “The reason why I say that our Fei family,”

“Has a major responsibility that cannot be shirked is mainly in the following aspects;”

“First, the Fei family’s education of Randal was indeed extremely inappropriate!”

“It is the Fei family’s fault for failing to establish a healthy and kind outlook on life,”

“Worldview, and values for him, allowing his character and acting style,”

“To continuously go to extremes and even bring such significant harm to the society!”

“Second, the Fei family has been extremely negligent in supervising what Randal had done!”

“Randal had been doing wrong for so many years and we didn’t even know about it until yesterday,”

“This is a clear dereliction of duty and incompetence within the family!”

“If we could have found out about his problems as early as possible,”

“He wouldn’t have been able to hurt so many innocent women, so this, too, is the Fei family’s fault!”

“Third, the Fei family’s wealth, status, and resources have had inadvertently become the key factors,”

“That aided and abetted Randal to keep committing felonies,”

“If not for the Fei family’s resources, Randal would not have had the opportunity,”

“To commit so many felonies one after another, so this, too, is still the Fei family’s fault!”

Stella said three points of the Fei family’s faults in a row, which instantly made everyone dumbfounded.

In everyone’s opinion, Stella’s words were not biased, shirking responsibility,

On the contrary, she took the initiative to admit all the direct and indirect responsibilities,

Which really made everyone’s attitude towards her change a lot.

At this time, Stella continued: “In addition, I also want to state one thing,”

“That is, I personally, just took over the Fei family last night,”

“So in the Fei family in the end there are no other people involved,”

“I can not yet say this with a 100% guarantee!”

“But what I can promise you is that in the next few days,”

“The Fei family will take the initiative to cooperate with the police and conduct,”

“An in-depth investigation into every member of the Fei family as well as the employees of the family!”

“At that time, we will make all the contents of the investigation open to the community.”

“We will never condone it once we find that there are other people involved!”

These words of Stella threw another thunderbolt in the hearts of reporters and viewers!

At such a time, it was rare to admit that there were education problems,

Improper supervision and potential accomplices for Randal,

But what everyone did not expect was that she would conduct a thorough investigation of the family.

Once these words came out, everyone understood that Stella really wanted…

To solve all the problems thoroughly, without any half-hearted or perfunctory ingredients.

So, there were already reporters on stage who couldn’t help but applaud.

Their attitude towards Stella, at this moment, has also changed dramatically!

At this time, Stella continued, “In addition to cooperating with the investigation,”

“Digging out all the garbage within the Fei family and removing it completely,”

“We also have an extremely important matter to resolve,”

“And that is to start the compensation work for all the victims’ families!”

Once these words came out, everyone stared closely at Stella.

Taking the initiative to compensate the families, this was taking the attitude of handling the problem to a new level.

Therefore, everyone was eager to know how Stella was going to handle the compensation of the victims’ families.

Stella said very seriously: “Before disclosing the compensation method, I also want to make a statement,”

“That is, we know very well that even if we compensate with more and more money,”

“It is impossible to bring the victims back from the dead and completely compensate for the trauma in the hearts of the victims’ families,”

“But we are still willing to do everything we can to help the victims’ families solve their future life problems,”

“So that they can stay away from the problem as much as possible.”

“In order to keep them away from their grief as much as possible.”

At this point, Stella gave a slight beating and said in a loud voice:

“Therefore, I hereby officially announce that the Fei family will pay,”

“A lump sum of one billion dollars as compensation to the families of each victim who died as a result of Randal’s cruelty!”