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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4463 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4463 Start

Therefore, when people saw a young and beautiful woman,

Who was the first to ascend the stage from the entrance,

Each and every one of them was speechless with shock.

Many people didn’t even know who Stella was, so one by one they all mingled below,

Trying to figure out what this woman actually does.

Many media reporters even preemptively cursed:

“These men of the Fei family are too shameless to push a girl out as a shield at a critical moment!”

This kind of voice instantly triggered everyone’s approval.

However, no one expected that when Stella walked to the speaker’s platform,

And stood behind the microphone, with the first words she said, it dropped a heavy bomb in the crowd.

Only to see her lips lightly open, she calmly and coolly said,

“Hello, friends of the media, I am the new chairman of the Fei Group, Stella Fei!”

Stella’s throwing words caused the whole scene to burst into an uproar.

No one expected that the Fei family would change a new chairman at this critical moment.

And what was even more unexpected was that this new chairman was a woman.

We must know, that even in developed countries, those big families’ patriarchal thinking is extremely serious.

There are so many big families with more than ten billion dollars worth,

Almost none of them will give the position of leader to a woman.

And, still such a young woman.

However, if you look behind Stella, the previous family head, Dawson Fei,

And even the previous family head, Douglas Fei, all are standing.

This also means that the young Stella is not joking here.

With the previous two family heads standing up for her,

She was definitely the leader of the Fei family.

The crowd was shocked beyond belief.

They really couldn’t understand why the Fei family would make such a decision,

Even if they needed to find someone to take the blame or find someone to be a shield at this time,

There was no need to give up the position of the family head, right?

If you can become the head of the family after taking such a pot,

And also the head of the Fei family with nearly trillion dollars in assets, I’m afraid no one will refuse.

When the media reporters were horrified, Stella went straight to the point and said,

“I believe that everyone here should have seen the series of videos that were exposed on the Internet yesterday,”

“And I, as well as the rest of the Fei family, did not know,”

“About the unforgivable crimes committed by Randal Fei until yesterday, just like you all.”

As soon as many people heard Stella say that they only learned about these things yesterday,

They immediately felt that she was going to start dumping the pot.

One of the young male reporters said to the others around her,

“I think she’s going to say that we didn’t know anything, that what Randal did was his personal act,”

“That it has nothing to do with us, and that we are also victims blah blah blah! Bullsh!t!”

The viewers who watched the live broadcast in front of their TV sets,

Computers and cell phones also had similar thoughts in their minds.

They had seen a lot of this, the behavior of the big families dumping the pot at a critical moment.

So, they also expected that the Fei family would definitely use this way to clear their name.

However, no one expected that Stella, immediately afterward, said incomparably piously,

“Although we also just learned about all this last night, but for what Randal did,”

“Our Fei family still has a major responsibility that cannot be shirked!”

When Stella said this, it immediately made the reporters on the scene as well as the viewers,

Watching the live broadcast feel a sense of relief.

This phrase has a great responsibility that cannot be shirked,

In the view of reporters and viewers, it is already extremely rare wording.