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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4462 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4462 Start

In the lounge next to the conference hall, Stella, wearing a black skirt with a white shirt,

Was ready to go on stage, with a calm expression and a bit of confidence.

While Douglas, Dawson, and Adam, the three generations of the Fei family, each is there with a nervous face.

They do not know what situation is waiting for them at a moment,

Perhaps as soon as they walk into the conference hall,

There will be countless people ready to take off their shoes and throw at them.

Adam, as Randal’s father, was the most nervous deep inside, after all,

He also knew that the son was not taught and it was the father’s fault,

And now that Randal is dead, people’s first thought of the outlet should be him.

Seeing that the time is getting closer to eight o’clock, he said to Stella apprehensively,

“Stella …… can I go up later ……”

Stella said firmly: “In today’s conference, none of the four of us can be missing!”

Adam said in a panic: “I am afraid that when I appear now,”

“It will immediately cause public anger, in case it affects the rhythm of your launch, it will be bad ……”

“Never mind.” Stella did not leave any room for error and said,

“After you and uncle and grandpa take the stage, you don’t have to say anything,”

“And you don’t have to do anything, the words will be said by me alone,”

“You only need to apologize with me when I apologize, and bow with me when I bow.”

Adam still wanted to say something, next to him Douglas coldly shouted,

“Adam! Your son has caused such a big trouble, if you, as a father,”

“Don’t show up, what would others think of our Fei family?”

Adam said in shame: “Grandpa you are right ……”

Douglas looked at him coldly, and then looked at Dawson who was scowling at the side, and coldly said,

“Everyone in the Fei family, including me, must obey Stella’s orders,”

“Otherwise, get out of the Fei family before it’s too late, and go outside and become a relative!”

Adam shrank his neck and hurriedly said, “I know grandpa ……”

At this time, Ruoli, who was dressed in a black suit,

Pushed open the door of the room and came in front of Stella with big steps and spoke,

“Miss Fei, there is one last minute.”

“Okay.” Stella nodded and asked, “Ruoli, Mr. Wade is not coming over?”

“Yes.” Ruoli Su said, “Mr. Wade is watching the live broadcast at the hotel,”

“And he asked me to convey the words to you that you will handle it well.”

Stella pursed her lips, nodded her head forcefully, and said,

“I know …… help me thank Mr. Wade for me!”

After saying that, she took out her phone and looked at it,

Forty seconds left until eight o’clock, so she turned it off and said to the three-generational elders around her,

“It’s almost time, let’s go now!”

Douglas, Dawson, and Adam, their expressions were all aghast.

In their view, the upcoming conference was like they were going to be stripped nak3d,

And paraded through the streets, making them feel uneasy.

But now, they do not have any room to retreat,

So they can only follow Stella’s steps and walk out of the lounge.

The main door of the lounge was directly connected to the stage access of the conference hall.

After passing through the several-meter-long passage,

The four of them appeared directly on the side of the stage of the conference hall.

The reporters, who had been waiting for this, saw someone appearing from the passage,

And regardless of the angle, all the cameras were aimed at the entrance,

And for a while, the shutter sound crackled madly,

As if a hundred thousand mouse traps were triggered at the same time in an instant.

The reporters, out of professional instinct,

Realized after the first round of photos that the first person to walk out of the entrance was not the Fei family’s head, Dawson!

The great change that happened in the Fei family last night had not been officially announced to the outside world.