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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4461 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4461 Start

After hanging up his boss’s phone, Duncan first said to his subordinates,

“No more autopsy center, go to Fei’s group!”

His subordinates hurriedly asked: “Inspector, what are you going to do at the Fei Group?”

“It will soon hold a press conference, almost all the media in New York are there,”

“You go there at this time is not …… is not ……”

As the subordinate tried to speak, all of a sudden stuttered up,

Stammering half a day not saying anything in the follow-up.

Duncan asked in a cold voice: “What? You da*n well say it!”

The subordinate can only pluck up courage, hardened his head, and said,

“Is it not the same as …… throwing yourself into the net?”

Duncan gritted his teeth and cursed: “Fcuk you! I am a police officer,”

“Not a murderer, how can I be considered to throw myself into the net?”

His subordinate said anxiously, “But the media are waiting to interview you. ……”

Duncan knew that what his subordinate said was not wrong.

With so many major cases occurring in the city overnight,

And so many innocent deaths involved,

The reporters in the city are now most eager to interview the head of the police.

The top has also long issued an order, without the permission of the top,

No one is allowed to accept media interviews privately.

The reason why the top is so afraid of interviews is because in this case,

The police have long been the object of blame by the media and the public.

As long as they seize the opportunity, no matter who is interviewed,

They will have to face all the possible criticism.

Therefore, the top is afraid that the police asked by reporters and dumbfounded,

With the red-faced look, the media films this and broadcasts it to the country or even the world it will be a sight of embarrassment.

This is also why Duncan lied to his superiors and said he was going to the autopsy center.

If he had said he wanted to go to Fei’s group and meet Ruoli Su,

His boss would have cursed him on the spot and forbade him.

However, at the moment, Duncan has no other way.

The only clue he could grasp was that Ruoli Su has come to New York with Stella,

So to know whether the Cataclysmic Front was behind this matter or not, Ruoli Su was the only breakthrough.

So, he ironically said to his subordinates:

“From now on do not say anything, do not ask anything, what I tell you to do,”

“You do as you are told to do, if the above blame down, everything is on me.”

Hearing this, The subordinate knows that Duncan has made up his mind,

So he wisely did not say any word, and then immediately picked up the intercom,

Said to the cars following behind him: “Not going to the autopsy center, just follow me.”


At this moment.

From eight o’clock, there are less than five minutes left.

The conference hall of the Fei Group is not only full, even the aisles are full of people.

All kinds of media set up all kinds of long guns,

Afraid to miss every shot and clip of the launch they are already there.

In addition, many media outlets also carried out simultaneous live broadcasts,

Which are broadcasted in real-time to the world through the dual platforms of cable TV and the Internet.

Because Randal’s case has stirred the world, at this moment,

Not only the people of the United States are watching the conference,

But also people in other countries are watching the broadcast of the conference in different time zones,

At different times, and through different network platforms.