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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4460 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4460 Start

Marshal then said, “That makes sense, it’s good to avoid some right and wrong,”

“Then you pay attention to safety, we will get in contact again if there is anything.”

“Okay!” Duncan hung up the phone, then hurriedly packed his things and hurriedly left the police station.

He had just gotten in his car and was ready to head to the Fei family estate,

When his phone received a push notification.

The headline of the tweet was shocking to his eyes:

Thirteen murderers related to Randal Fei in New York were executed by mysterious forces last night!

He hastily clicked on the tweet and was horrified to find that the other side had been exposed…

Many more videos related to the abuse, and the protagonist of these videos was no longer Randal Fei.

But the thirteen dead people who were found in the Hudson River today!

These thirteen people, compared with the behavior of Randal,

Can only be said to have been more than ever, the cruelty of the means is outrageous.

And at the end of their sadistic video is a video taken on the sea late at night.

In the video, the thirteen people were ex3cuted, like dumplings,

One by one, thrown from the boat into the water, the video shooter used a strong light,

To give each of the thirteen people a close-up of their faces,

You can see that they all died a very tragic death,

Each of them is lifeless, and the eyes are full of horror.

In the video with each shot to the face, there is a short screen pause,

And then the letters will be next to the person’s name, origin, and related information.

These thirteen people, each of them is the son of a wealthy family of great fame in New York,

And each of them is the offspring of a wealthy family worth billions of dollars.

Once this video was released, it once again exploded the entire Internet,

And the media followed up on the story in the shortest possible time.

The public was outraged, and the Internet was full of vitriol against these 13 people and their families,

Which soon triggered a mass hatred of the common people, the middle class, and the upper class.

At one time, the entire New York high society everyone is afraid for themselves,

Afraid that after this incident, the whole society will be watching every high society member,

All their scandals could be dugged up and exposed.

Duncan’s top boss called him at first, asking him to prepare a press conference immediately,

To make a statement to the media and the public, to stabilize people’s hearts.

But Duncan refused to accept such an assignment and said,

“I’m on my way to the autopsy center, let someone else do it.”

The supervisor said angrily: “Randal disappeared in your jurisdiction,”

“The back led to so many cases, should also be under your name,”

“At this time of course you are the most appropriate person to deal with the press conference!”

Duncan said without thinking: “Either you let me go to the autopsy center,”

“I do my best to find clues, try to solve the case, or you will give me a direct word of pain,”

“I immediately retired in this place, but this matter I really do not want to participate at all!”

When the supervisor heard this, he said angrily,

“Inspector Li! You do not threaten me with in-situ retirement!”

“Even if you want to retire early, it must be after the press conference!”

Duncan also gave up and spoke, “In that case, then I promise you with my personality,”

“I will directly announce the news of early retirement at the press conference,”

“And as for this case, I will not say a word, not even a single word!”

“You ……” The supervisor was furious for a while,

But in the face of Duncan who is acting like such a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water,

He had no choice but to angrily say: “I’ll cover for you first, but you’d better solve the case quickly!”

“Otherwise, even if you retire, walking in the streets of New York you will still be pointed out!”

Hearing this, Duncan immediately said, “Don’t worry, if this case is not solved,”

“I will hold a conference and personally apologize to all the American people!”