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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4459 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4459 Start

The report from his subordinates made Duncan furious.

He really didn’t expect that not long after Randal and Jesse died,

So many corpses were suddenly found in New York, and all of them were dignitaries.

He subconsciously asked: “Has the forensic pathologist reached there?”

The subordinate replied: “Yes, even the FBI has received the wind and sent people over to investigate.”

Duncan asked with a black face: “When did these people die?

“Last night.” The subordinate replied offhand:

“The coroner said the time of death was no more than eight hours.”

“D*mn it!” Duncan said without thinking: “It must be the same gang that killed Randal ……”

After saying that, he immediately ordered,

“Hurry up and have them all transfer the corpses to the morgue of the autopsy center,”

“Don’t let any media get close, and don’t let anyone give media interviews!”

“If anyone dares to quietly give information to the media, once caught, I will not spare them!”

The subordinate said, “I’ll talk to them now!”

The subordinate turned and left, and Duncan slammed the ashtray to the ground,

and the glass ashtray instantly fell into pieces.

At this moment, his heart was already burning with anger.

He really did not expect that he had just said that luckily these deaths were not in New York,

The echo of the words in this room had not completely dissipated, and immediately he got this news.

What he didn’t expect was that these people would dare to play so big in New York,

Which simply did not put the NYPD in the eye!

This reminds him of what happened to the Tokyo Police Department some time ago.

In those days of the Tokyo chaos, the Tokyo Police Department should have faced the same situation as he is now.

Thinking of this, he remembered that Ruoli Su who entered the country with Douglas and Stella.

He couldn’t help but think: “Could it be that this time it was Ruoli’s handiwork again?”

“Okay! Then I will go and meet her! Let’s see how capable she really is!”

With his mind made up, Duncan picked up the desk phone, dialed a short number, and ordered,

“Tell the second team to get ready, we’ll leave in two minutes!”

After saying that, he hung up the phone and found that his phone was still on,

So he picked it up and said to Marshal,

“Marshal, I have some urgent business to take care of, let’s leave it for now.”

Marshal said, “Duncan, I advise you not to try to hide this matter,”

“Because it won’t be long before the killer will definitely take the initiative,”

“To release the video and evidence with these dozen or so people.”

Duncan asked, “You mean that these people, like Randal, have done a lot of unconscionable things?”

“Definitely.” Marshal opened his mouth and said,

“Although the murderers behind the scenes are vicious, but honestly,”

“What they do, is also considered to punish evil and promote good, remove the violence,”

“So I believe that they will not kill without reason, once killed,”

“It proves that these people must be extremely evil.”

Saying that Marshal added: “With their style of action, this matter will certainly be exposed at a suitable time,”

“And by then everyone will definitely know, so there is no need for you to hide it for the time being,”

“It is better to take the initiative to announce it to the public openly and honestly.”

Duncan let out a long sigh and said helplessly, “Hmm! The impact of this incident on the NYPD is really too bad,”

“Now announced, I’m afraid that immediately it will hit the headlines,”

“In less than a minute, the mayor and council members will all call, then do not know how to deal with ……”

After that, he added: “This kind of thing can’t be concealed for sure,”

“So I have to leave the police station first, in case any scandal really comes to light later,”

“Let the director go and explain to the mass media, I just take this opportunity to hide a wave,”

“I’m about to retire, I don’t want to say anything to become the public enemy before retirement.”