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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4458 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4458 Start

Duncan said, “Look since this Miss Gu had the medicine that could save the old man,”

And she also knew that you were downstairs, then why did you think she didn’t just give you the medicine?”

Saying that Duncan added: “And look, she didn’t go after you immediately after you left,”

“She waited until I left before coming out, which feels as if she was deliberately trying to avoid you.”

“This ……” Marshal also can not think of a reason, so said:

“You said she did not give me the medicine directly,”

“It is likely that she was afraid that I would not believe it?”

“If I don’t believe in her medicine, whether I will receive it is a question,”

“Whether I will give it to the old man after receiving it, is another question.”

Duncan sighed and said, “Maybe, but I feel that in all these things,”

“There is not a single thing that is logical and completely smooth.”

Marshal then said, “Okay, then you should not be too suspicious,”

“I just received a news push, the Fei family’s spokesman announced that the Fei family will hold a press conference at eight o’clock in the morning,”

“When the whole network synchronized live, it is estimated that the newly appointed young girl to step in to save the day.”

Duncan smiled sarcastically and said, “To save the day …… this mess, I think whoever it is, they can not clean up.”

Marshal said: “This time if the brave man breaks his wrist, there is still a chance,”

“Depending on whether this little girl has the courage or not.”

Duncan laughed: “Then I’d like to see how capable this little girl really is!”

“If she can save the day and try to moderate the public anger, it will be a favor to me,”

“Otherwise, I’m really fcuking worried to death ……”

Saying that Duncan lamented: “A dead Randal, a dead Jesse Qiao,”

“And also involved dozens of brutalized young girls, so many cases of human life,”

“It really is an overwhelming case for the whole of the police department and law enforcement in the city……”

Marshal said: “The good thing is that those young girls are not missing in New York,”

“This you can still excuse yourselves a little.”

Saying that Marshal reminded, “But Duncan, you have to find a way to stabilize the situation first,”

“You can’t let the situation go down further.”

“Yes.” Duncan spoke, “I will have a morning meeting with them in a moment,”

“And the attitude should be clear, no matter what, no one can die again in New York because of this matter.”

As soon as the words fell, a subordinate pushed the door without knocking and said in a panic:

“Inspector, something big has happened!”

When Duncan heard this, his head buzzed with a sharp pain.

He thought his nerves were big enough, but he didn’t expect to be tortured.

Into a nervous breakdown by the words ‘something big has happened.

These four words, don’t know how many times he has heard,

But each time after hearing, his nerves have to suffer from the destruction and stimulation.

So he could only ask: “What’s the big fcuking deal again?

The subordinate said in a panic:

“Someone found a dozen floating bodies in the mouth of the Hudson River,”

“Each body is tied to the float, the body is also chained with the lead that is sunk in the water,”

“The killer deliberately let them float in less than a meter from the surface,”

“Early in the morning, a boat saw a group of things swaying around in the water,”

“And though it was some large fish, only to find all dead people ……”

“Holy sh!t!” Duncan stood up, and said: “How can so many people die? Have the dead been identified?”

“It’s confirmed.” The subordinate said incomparably nervous:

“The nearest precinct has sent people over, after the initial investigation of the scene,”

“It can be determined that the dead are almost all dignitaries and the gentry of the great families ……”

“Among them are the heir of the Routhschild collateral family,”

“And the eldest son of the Hudson family ……”

“Brandt family, the son-in-law of British aristocratic origin ……”