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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4457 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4457 Start

Duncan felt that a person, whether he was crazy or strong, had to have enough backbone,

So he wanted to find out why that young man had the backbone to go head to head with Adam Fei.

In his opinion, this young man may become a breakthrough point.

However, what he is most worried about now is that…

He does not know how to reach that young man in a reasonable way.

After all, if a person’s rash approach without a reasonable enough reason,

Then he will certainly suspect the other party’s motives for approaching him.

For smart people, once they sense that something is wrong,

They will immediately take countermeasures so that the other party can not find any breakthrough point.

Just when he was worried about this matter, Marshal suddenly called.

Duncan did not make any hesitation, so he directly pressed the answer button.

On the other end of the phone, Marshal opened up and asked,

“Duncan, did you find anything new last night?”

In fact, Marshal did not sleep much last night, his mind has been thinking,

How did Sara in the end learn the news of the old man’s critical illness?

However, after all, he told Duncan yesterday that he didn’t want to investigate Sara,

So now he was too embarrassed to ask Duncan directly,

And could only ask vaguely if there were any new discoveries.

Duncan and Marshal are good brothers for many years,

Naturally knows what is in his brother’s mind, so he directly replied:

“I had someone reverse trace the source from JFK airport, to say you may not believe it,”

“When we were eating roast goose in Chinatown, this Sara was also there.”

“What?!” Marshal incomparably surprised asked:

“She was also in the restaurant? That can’t be, there were only two of us in there,”

“At that time besides the boss and his guys, right?”

Duncan said, “You may not have noticed, but I carefully thought back,”

“We were entering the restaurant when there were two people,”

“Who had just arrived before us on the floor, one of the two people was Sara.”

Marshal blurted out: “I see …… there is such a coincidence!”

“This means that Miss Gu did not get the news of the old man’s critical illness from other people,”

“She heard it directly from me when I was speaking to you ……”

“Right.” Duncan smiled sarcastically and said, “This thing looks like I thought too much,”

“I thought yesterday that there must be some conspiracy theory,”

“But I did not expect that things can have such a coincidence,”

“At that time you said that the old master is seriously ill, rushed to the airport,”

“I did not have much time to leave, after I left Sara’s car also left Chinatown,”

“In the same direction as you, must be directly going there to the airport,”

“Which can reasonably explain why she could follow you to Los Angeles.”

Marshal sighed: “It seems that the old man is really blessed with a great life ……”

“That day if the two of us did not go to eat roast goose,”

“The old man would certainly not be able to pass this hurdle ……”

“Yes.” Duncan sighed: “Speaking of which this Miss Gu is also really affectionate,”

“After hearing about this matter, immediately went to Los Angeles,”

“It seems that the reason why she would come to Los Angeles,”

“It was not to pay a visit, but to save the old man to go.”

Marshal said with incomparable emotion,

“I really didn’t expect that the hidden story of the matter would be like this ……”

“In that case, our An family owes Miss Gu an even greater debt of gratitude ……”

Duncan gave a hmmm, but soon muttered with some doubts,

“Marshal, there is a thing I did not understand, if I say out loud you do not mind right.”

Marshal then said, “You say it.”