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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4456 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4456 Start

Duncan sighed and said, “Forget it, look for any other clues.”

The other party was busy asking:

“Do you want to ask the owner of that roast goose restaurant?”

“Maybe the restaurant has its own surveillance.”

Duncan immediately said, “Do not go there first, that Sara as the most famous singer in the Chinese,”

“But went to this roast goose restaurant to eat,”

“The probability of knowing with the owner is high, risking to ask, it will alert the snake.”

While speaking Duncan had a bright idea, so he said: “So, you wait for the roast goose restaurant to open,”

“Go inside to eat a meal, see if there is a security camera inside, if there is,”

“In the afternoon, let people in the vicinity of the street robbery create a cell phone snatching drama,”

“And then ask a man to go to the restaurant, say that the investigation needs to retrieve their surveillance video,”

“At that time you can retrieve the whole hard drive.”

The other party laughed: “I get it sir …… you have the means!”

“Then I’ll wait for them to open the door and go over to take a look first!”

After Duncan gave a hint, he hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, he flipped out the video just now,

Then he pulled back the progress bar, he then first saw Marshal’s car quickly leave from the restaurant,

Shortly after, he himself also walked out from the restaurant,

Followed by the car that Sara took then also drove away from Chinatown in the same direction as Marshal.

Seeing this, he couldn’t help but mutter: “That day when I went to this restaurant with Marshal,”

“It was already long after dinner, the restaurant seemed to be empty, so where was Sara?”

In his mind, he could not help but close his eyes,

In his mind replayed the situation in the restaurant that day.

Soon, the picture of that day was presented in his mind.

As a detective for a long time, he has a very strong passive memory,

May not have noticed a small detail of the scene,

But those details have actually been in his mind like a video recorder,

Mechanically stored in the mind, he can replay, just like rewinding and rewatching again,

Many of the details of the time, he is able to capture again.

Soon, he remembered that in the roast goose restaurant,

Next to the right-hand side, there was a wooden staircase upward,

That day when he and Marshal entered the door, they did not deliberately pay attention to the staircase,

But an image in his mind suddenly flashed, then the staircase was not empty,

But there were two people’s four legs that appeared in the uppermost right corner of the image in his mind.

He immediately confirmed in his mind that when he and Marshal went to the restaurant that day,

Sara should have just gone up with another person.

So, he couldn’t help but murmur, “Who is the other person? Is it her agent?”

“Or is it the kid who fell out with Adam Fei when Randal was kidnapped that day?”

Thinking of this, his mind couldn’t help but think of Charlie’s performance that day.

When he thought of Charlie, he couldn’t help but think:

“After Randal was kidnapped that day, under Adam’s aggressive posture,”

“He was already able to not show the slightest bit of fear, and even not let go,”

“So it is clear that he is extremely confident in his heart, but why is he so confident?”

“He knew, this is the Fei family’s territory, he accompanied Sara to attend the charity dinner organized by Randal,”

“He certainly knew what the Fei family’s strength in the background.”

“Knowing the ability of the Fei family, and still do not put Adam in the eyes,”

“This kind of person, in the end, is too strong, or too crazy?”

When Duncan thought of this, he felt more and more…

That there seemed to be some secrets in that young man.