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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4455 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4455 Start

The words of his subordinate made Duncan’s spirit shake.

He hurriedly asked, “What have you found?”

The subordinate immediately reported, “We have found Sara Gu’s movement line,”

“Before she went to the airport yesterday, and she actually had a spatial intersection with you, chief!”

“What?!” As a police detective, Duncan naturally knew what spatial intersection meant,

Which meant that he was once in the same physical space as Sara,

Which made him exclaim: “Spatial intersection in what place?!”

The subordinate said, “She first went to Fei’s house yesterday at noon,”

“Then from Fei’s house, she went to the Cantonese style roast goose restaurant in Chinatown,”

“And after she arrived at the roast goose restaurant, you and Mr. An also arrived there!”

“Fcuk!” Duncan burst out a foul mouth and cursed, “So that’s how it is!”

When he heard this, he was actually a little disappointed in his heart.

By digging deeper into this line of Sara, he originally wanted to bring out,

The mysterious person hiding behind her to protect her.

Moreover, he had always felt that she must have a very strong intelligence network,

This was why she was able to get the news of the An family’s old man’s critical illness in such a short time.

However, listening to his man so reported, he realized that the original thing is a coincidence,

It is that at that time Sara herself was in that roast goose restaurant,

So Marshal chatted with him and was not surprisingly heard by her ……

Thinking of this, he sighed lightly and asked:

“Who was with her? When did she leave?”

The subordinate said, “I watched the surrounding CCTV footage, specifically with whom,”

“It is not yet possible to determine, but she arrived first before you,”

“Mr. An left first, you probably came out after waiting for two or three minutes,”

“Sara came after a minute or two after you came out, as she came out, she went directly to the airport.”

Duncan was busy saying, “Send me the video to see!”


Soon, Duncan’s phone received a video.

This video originated from the surveillance camera that was diagonally across from the roast goose restaurant.

After he opened it, he saw the process of Sara and Charlie’s car arriving at the roast goose restaurant.

However, because the front door of the restaurant is just in the dead center of this surveillance probe,

So in the video, they can not see the situation when people get out of the car.

If they can find the frontal surveillance video,

Duncan will be able to see, Sara then from the car after getting down,

and intimately holding a man into the roast goose restaurant.

And that man is the An family struggling to find for twenty years named Charlie Wade!

At this point in the video, just shortly after Sara and Charlie’s car stopped,

Duncan saw himself and Marshal’s car also entered the monitoring range.

He looked straight sucking his teeth, then a phone call to the other side,

Opened his mouth and asked: “You did not find other monitoring probes?”

“The best is the other side can be photographed, people.”

The other side replied: “No, the one in the line of roast goose restaurant surveillance video it is only this one.”

Duncan cursed and said: “Fcuk, long suggested to the mayor, let him allocate funds to set up a Skynet system,”

“He just grumbled reluctant to approve, look on the other side,”

“Even a small city’s surveillance coverage rate has long exceeded 95%!”

“And look at New York, until last year, only the subway stations have installed monitoring!”

The other side helplessly said: “Chief, even in New York if we installed the Skynet,”

“It is not of much use, even if you can install 100,000 cameras overnight,”

“The next day certainly those gang members smashed half of them,”

“The remaining half, it is estimated that the homeless will demolished them for cigarettes and burgers …… “