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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4454 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4454 Start

So, at this time, the ordinary people stopped calling these mysterious people kidnappers,

And instead started calling them chivalrous robbers and praised these chivalrous robbers.

In the opinion of the general public, if this mysterious group of chivalrous robbers had not kidnapped Randal,

And exposed these crimes of his, then instead of getting any sanction,

Randal would have continued to brutalize an unknown number of innocent victims.

So, these chivalrous robbers not only terminated the atrocities,

But even sent the criminals to hell, which can be said to be of great merit.

Along with the video, there are also these words, “good or evil, all will have a reward at the end.”

Countless people after reading the words are deeply shocked,

Many of them started to put these words in their social media bios and statuses.

There are even many tattoo enthusiasts, early in the morning calling their tattoo artist,

And can not wait to tattoo these words on their bodies.

At this time, the night without sleep, Duncan,

Just made a cup of coffee ready to refresh his bogged mind.

Eager to crack the case, he did not leave his office all night.

He was waiting with great anticipation for the results of his subordinate’s investigation,

When suddenly there was a knock on the door,

A subordinate rushed in a panic and said offhandedly:

“Inspector, something big has happened!”

When Duncan, who had not slept all night, heard this,

He immediately felt his head overwhelmed, and he hurriedly asked, “What happened this time?”

The other party said, “Randal Fei is dead! And that Jesse Qiao, both are dead!”

“What?!” When Duncan heard this, he asked with horror, “When did this happen?”

“Just now!” The other party explained: “A video just came out on the Internet,”

“In the video, Randal and Jesse have been cremated!”

Duncan’s brain was dizzy and he quickly said, “Quick, let me see!”

His subordinate hurriedly handed over the phone,

And on the screen, it was the video that had just been exposed.

Duncan clicked on it and saw the two bodies being pushed into the incinerator,

And immediately cursed in anger:

“These people are so desperate! They’ve blocked all the ways out for us!”

For Duncan, Randal was kidnapped and he didn’t catch him,

Randal had his ears cut off and he didn’t catch him,

Until Randal’s evil deeds came to light, but he didn’t notice it before,

And then he didn’t catch him, which has made him, and the whole police force loses face.

The only way to regain their status back was to find a way,

To find the person who kidnapped Randal, and then get him back for a public trial.

Only in this way cold the police department regain its last bit of face.

However, he did not expect that the kidnappers were so ruthless,

So much so that they directly killed Randal and Jesse!

This is equivalent to the last little retreat for him blocked in a large part!

From the beginning to the end, the police failed to seize the opportunity to regain face,

And now that Randal was also dead, Duncan felt that the only thing he could do was to catch the kidnappers.

Only by catching the kidnappers could the police prove that they were still useful.

However, Duncan still has a worry in his heart,

If he really finds a clue, should he catch people?

If not, the police will lose face and the entity of justice will be challenged.

But if he really catches them, how to explain it to the public?

After all, these kidnappers have become the eyes of the public chivalrous,

The police did not catch the bad guys but in the end,

The chivalrous gang is arrested, and the public will certainly scold them to death ……

At this instant, Duncan felt the whole headache explode, he does not know what to do.

The man who was sent to investigate Sara called at this time and spoke:

“Chief, there is a clue!”