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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4452 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4452 Start

Marshal said: “Duncan, no matter what channel Miss Gu learned of the old man’s critical illness,”

“I think she has absolutely no hostility towards our An family, not only no hostility,”

“She is also our An family’s great benefactor if she did not come across,”

“These thousands of kilometers to save the old man’s life, he would have passed away by now.”

Marshal spoke here, and with a slight beating he continued:

“Such a great kindness, we have not had the opportunity to properly return,”

“But now to investigate her, this is not justified in reason,”

“In case she finds out, she will think that the An family people do not act generously.”

Duncan hesitated for a moment and said seriously: “Marshal, this matter is not only for your An investigation,”

“But also for the investigation of breaking this case, as I said before,”

“She could get out of Randal’s trap unharmed, and even led to him lifting the stone to smash his own feet,”

“It proves that she must have a very strong person sitting around,”

“Maybe, all this can help us to identify that person!”

“The first thing I did was to find out what happened to Randal,”

“And what happened to Master Fei when he came back, but I couldn’t find any clues.”

Then, Duncan hurriedly added: “Marshal, don’t worry, my investigation has nothing to do with you,”

“It’s entirely my decision as a police officer to solve the case, and you don’t need to have any negative emotions.”

Marshal sighed helplessly and said, “Duncan, you are a police officer,”

“How to investigate the case is your freedom, I will not interfere much.”

“Good!” Duncan could not hide his excitement and said,

“Thank you for your understanding Marshal, talk to you later, I must solve this case!”

Marshal busily asked, “Duncan, if this matter is related to Miss Gu,”

“Please do me a favor and do not implicate her personally as much as possible.”

Duncan said without thinking, “Don’t worry, I will!”

After hanging up the phone, Duncan immediately found his most trusted subordinate and instructed,

“Go to JFK Airport now, starting from the airport,”

“Investigate all the information before the departure of the B9733 private plane,”

“Including the passenger named Sara Gu’s boarding time,”

“Security check time and arrival time at the airport,”

“And then follow this line all the way to the front,”

“Until or before she left the hotel this morning,”

“Investigate all her movements after she woke up!”

“Bring me back all the video data you can get!”

The subordinate asked in surprise, “Chief …… you want to investigate that big star?”

“She’s getting a lot of attention right now, we’re investigating her for no reason,”

“This …… iff the top asks down, how can we explain?”

Duncan said in a cold voice: “I suspect that she is related to the case of Randal’s kidnapping,”

“So I must investigate her to the letter, but before finding the actual clues,”

“You must ensure that this matter remains in the dark, otherwise, we will both be in trouble!”

Duncan’s subordinate is very clear about the seriousness of this matter.

In the United States, this law enforcement authority is extremely clear and everywhere restricted country,

In the absence of permission from superiors, randomly follow the investigation of a public figure,

Once exposed, it is likely to provoke a lot of public pressure.

However, he himself is Duncan’s favorite, very obedient to his orders,

So at this time dare not delay, immediately said: “Chief, then I will go to investigate!”

Duncan instructed: “Remember, do not miss any clues!”

“Maybe an inadvertent discovery can affect the detection of the entire case!”

The other party nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve been with you for so many years,”

“You still don’t understand my style of action?”

Saying that he looked at the time and said,

“It’s already past two in the morning, I’ll try to bring back the clues you want before nine in the morning!”

Duncan nodded and said, “Hard work!”