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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4450 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4450 Start

Marshal didn’t say anything about Sara delivering medicine to his father tonight,

and saving his life, but asked, “How did you think about it?”

Duncan said, “I think this girl is not simple!”

As he said, he added: “Look, from the exposure of this guy Randal,”

“The night he disappeared to get that charity dinner, it was clearly set up for Sara,”

“He certainly wanted to kidnap her, to meet his own perverted desires,”

“But the result was she did not fall in, Randal, the person who made the game fell in instead,”

“A snake cannot suppress a dragon,”

“Let alone a dragon like Randal, I say this girl has to have a great ability ……”

Marshal heard here, his expression slightly austere.

A moment later, he spoke, “Old Li, do you know what Sara has to do with our family?”

Duncan was surprised and asked, “What? You know her?”

“I have investigated her details, the only daughter of the Gu family in Eastcliff,”

“The Gu family seems to have a good relationship with your sister’s in-laws,”

“But the strength seems to be a bit worse than your sister’s in-laws,”

“So reasonably speaking, in the eyes of your An family, it should not be enough to look at, right?”

Marshal seriously said, “Sara, is my nephew’s fiancee!”

Duncan was shocked and asked, “Really? Your nephew, you have found him?!”

“No.” Marshal said, “Sara’s marriage to my nephew was set by my sister when they were both children.”

“Oh …… Doll marriage ah ……”

Duncan muttered a sentence to himself and said off the top of his head,

“But I haven’t heard you talk about this before.”

Marshal said seriously: “I also learned this evening, that my father was critically ill,”

“The heart had stopped, just the right moment Miss Gu came to visit,”

“She had a blood rescue pill, my father pulled back from the brink of death.”

Duncan on the other end of the phone froze for a long time,

And only after a long time cursed and said:

“I’ll be damn3d, this evening is really a dog!”

“How come all the strange and bizarre things will happen on this night?”

“The Fei family is not to mention those things, your old man is critically ill,”

“This Sara flew from the east coast to the west coast thousands of miles to deliver medicine,”

“Is she a foreteller? Or did she get wind of something in advance?”

“This ……” Marshal frowned and said, “This should not be ……”

“She just happened to come over to visit, I told you, she is my nephew’s fiancée,”

“This time she is on a tour to the United States, so took time to visit the family,”

“Just met my father and he was critically ill, so it ……”

As he spoke he suddenly stopped, his expression was very puzzled.

Although Duncan could not see his expression, he could also guess a rough idea,

So he opened his mouth and asked: “Do you also think that this Sara,”

“Without knowing anything, could just happen to fly from the east coast of the United States”

“To the west coast overnight to visit at this time of the old man’s critical illness,”

“Which is indeed a bit of bullsh!t to me?”

Marshal murmured, “Hearing you say that, it is indeed a bit ……”

As Marshal spoke he continued, “But this thing is also a bit strange,”

“If you push it the other way around, my father’s critical illness has never been leaked to the public,”

“No one in the outsiders except you, no one knows,”

“How did she know that my father was critically ill?”

Duncan asked him, “What time did she arrive?”

Marshal thought about it and said,

“Maybe ten or twenty minutes later than me, I can’t remember exactly.”

Duncan smacked his lips and said, “This is really fcuking hell, you came from New York,”

“She also came from New York, and only a dozen or twenty minutes later than you,”

“That is, basically equal to the same foot!”

“This is not a fcuking coincidence, it’s fcuking deliberate to save the old man!”