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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4447 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4447 Start

Marshal has a fine mind, and although his style of action is not strong enough,

He definitely sees things more deeply than the average person.

When he was bidding for the Rejuvenation Pill, he had met with Douglas.

At that time at the auction, he had also once raised the price to a height that even Douglas, could not reach.

Moreover, what impressed Marshal was that not long after he was expelled from the venue that day,

He heard that Dawson of the Fei family had seized the position of the family head,

And even released a secret headhunt to buy Douglas’s life.

Marshal immediately realized that even if he was expelled from the field,

Douglas had not been able to get the Rejuvenation Pill as he had hoped.

At that time, Marshal also thought that Douglas was already 96 years old,

Dying, and had very little life left, so he would never have a chance to turn around in his life.

But he never expected that the 96-year-old man could suddenly make a comeback.

Therefore, he immediately realized that there must be something wrong here,

Not only just that, but Randal was also kidnapped and exposed to such a huge scandal,

There must be a master behind all the hidden manipulation.

Duncan heard his judgment at this time, also very certain said:

“I now also feel that these things are very wrong, feel whether Randal was kidnapped,”

“Or Douglas back to New York, behind the two things,”

“There must be a very good master, just at the moment really can not grasp clues ……”

Marshal said seriously: “Randal was kidnapped, you should not have a directly related person until now, right?”

“No.” Duncan said truthfully: “In this line, we have not even found a single witness so far.”

Marshal said seriously: “Then I suggest you, check the line of Douglas,”

“He was in China, but now can return to New York with dignity,”

“Even when he was chased together with Stella, who became the head of the Fei family,”

“This proves that Douglas has a valuable person to help,”

“You do not want to know who is the master behind? Find Douglas, he definitely knows!”

Duncan exclaimed, “You mean, the one who kidnapped Randal,”

“And the one who helped Douglas return to New York is the same person?”

Marshal said without thinking, “That’s right, I think it must be the same person or the same group of people.”

Duncan said doubtfully, “Then I don’t understand, this person or this group of people,”

“Why on one side kidnapped Randal, cut off his ears, and exposed all the scandals of him,”

“But on the other side, he helped Douglas return to New York,”

“If he is very close to Douglas, he should not lay hands on Douglas’s great-grandson, right?”

Marshal suddenly remembered something at this time and said seriously,

“Old Li, I suspect that this matter might have something to do with the owner of the Rejuvenation Pill!”

Duncan asked in surprise, “The mysterious person who doesn’t even put 300 billion dollars in his eyes?”

“That’s right!” Marshal said: “Think about it, with the strength of the Fei family,”

“After Dawson became the head of the family, wanted to kill Douglas,”

“But even his silhouette was not found, but at that time Douglas and his granddaughter,”

“The two people in China can be said to be all alone, no relatives, no money, no power,”

“If there is no high people to help them, they must have been killed by Dawson by now!”

Duncan was also amazed, and said with approval: “That’s right! This is the truth!”

“Dawson wanted to kill the ninety-year-old Douglas after he succeeded in seizing power,”

“It was as easy as pawing, but Douglas was not killed,”

“Instead he suddenly came back to New York, there must be a high person behind this!”