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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4446 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4446 Start

Marshal said, “Mom, Marcus, Martel, and Tece are busy with the group’s affairs,”

“So they are busy, so why don’t I stay in the country to look for Charlie’s whereabouts after I go to Eastcliff this time?”

The old lady nodded gently, “Okay!”

At this time, the oldest Martel took a look at the phone that had been in Do Not Disturb mode,

And suddenly exclaimed, “Something big has happened to the Fei family!”

“The Fei family?” Marshal remembered his speculation with Duncan and asked offhandedly,

“Did some scandal break out?”

“More than a scandal ……” Martel said offhandedly,

“The Fei family is estimated to offend the world this time!”

“The news said that the kidnapped kid of the Fei family,”

“He at least abducted twenty innocent girls abused and killed them, and there is video evidence!”

The crowd was stunned and were all filled with horror.

Marshal hastily took out his cell phone,

Just read some pushing news headlines and knew that his good brother,

Duncan was afraid that this time it would be too late to save his life.

Out of brotherly love, he hurriedly said, “I’ll go make a phone call.”

After saying that, he stepped out of the villa, went to the closed track, and made a call to Duncan.

At this time, Duncan was in a meeting with a handful of police officers and a number of executives.

Just now, the FBI’s hand in New York personally ran over,

Scolded them, and even proposed that if they can not solve the case in the next 24 hours, the FBI will take over.

Duncan worried scratching his ears.

If the case was taken by the FBI, then the face of the New York police can not be completely saved.

And he will soon retire, naturally do not want to carry such a big case to leave the police,

So he now has all the thoughts on how to solve the case.

However, with all the thoughts and clues, it seems to have entered a dead end,

So he repeatedly is going around in and out, just can not find the key.

At this time, Marshal’s phone suddenly rang, he hurriedly left the conference room,

Went back to his office and picked up the phone.

Once the call came through, Duncan asked, “Marshal, how is the old man doing?”

Marshal said, “Fortunately, he has survived.”

Duncan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s good …… Looks like tonight wasn’t all bad ……”

Marshal asked, “How’s your side? I saw the news, it seems things were guessed by both of us.”

Duncan said helplessly, “I really didn’t fcuking expect that this boy could commit such a big thing ……”

“Did you see the video circulating online? Too fcuking a beast!”

“I haven’t watched it.” Marshal said: “Just been chatting with the mom,”

“Saw the news push also dare not open in front of her.”

“But look at the headline will be able to guess how a thing, such a big scandal,”

“Indeed a little beyond the expected, it seems that behind this Randal, really is not an idle generation.”

Duncan said off the cuff: “More than Randal’s …… you know, Master Fei suddenly came back tonight!”

“What?” Marshal exclaimed, “He came back at this time,”

“Is he still alive? How could Dawson let him return to New York alive?”

Duncan cursed offhandedly, “Da*n, that’s what’s strange!”

“I went to Fei’s house at night, and Master Fei was there!”

“And what’s even weirder is that Dawson gave up the position of family head!”

“Gave up?” Marshal asked, “Can it be that he returned the family headship to Master Fei?”

“No.” Duncan said, “It’s even more incredible than that!”

Saying that, he added: “Do you know Master Fei’s youngest granddaughter, Stella?”

“I know ……” Marshal spoke: “What happened to her?”

Duncan said, “The new head of the Fei family, that’s her!”

Marshal was dumbfounded, his mind quickly thought about it and said offhandedly,

“Something is wrong! It’s not just this thing that’s not right!”

“Everything that has happened to the Fei family recently is not right!”