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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4445 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4445 Start

The old lady sighed and said, “But according to what you said,”

“They only hold the auction once a year, and this year’s has just ended,”

“So we have to wait another year for the next one. There is nothing we can do ……”

The old lady said, “You have just heard from Sara, there was only this one blood-saving pill left,”

“So we must make more plans, the auction is the last bottom plan,”

“If we can get the Rejuvenation pill through other channels before the auction, it would be great!”

After the An family reached a consensus on the matter of the Rejuvenation Pill,

The old lady was in a much better mood all of a sudden,

And it seemed that the whole person was somewhat enlightened,

With a smile hanging on her wrinkled face and an expression full of expectation.

She could not help but lament, “For your father to get a rejuvenation pill,”

“And then hurry to find Charlie, that would be great!”

On the side, Marcus hurriedly said,

“Mom, I’m going to organize another group of people to go out,”

“And search for Charlie’s whereabouts to see if we can find any valuable clues.”

The old lady said seriously, “We have invested a lot of manpower and resources over the years,”

“But we have not been able to find any clues about Charlie,”

“So I now wonder if we are going in the wrong direction to begin with.”

Marcus asked, “Mom, what do you mean?”

The old lady spoke, “I remember that we first searched the entire Aurous Hill several times,”

“And then spread from Aurous Hill to the whole of China,”

“But after searching for more than ten years in there with no clues,”

“We continued to expand the scope to the whole world, and we haven’t found any clues until now.”

Marcus said: “This is the case, you know, looking for people is not easy,”

“And sometimes, the luck is not so good,”

“We have been looking for orphans of Chinese ancestry around the world,”

“About the same age as Charlie, and then find ways to collect each one’s DNA,”

“And my sister’s DNA information to do a comparison, this is the most foolproof way.”

The world’s 1.5 billion Chinese, and of Charlie’s age, there are at least 100 million people,”

“Even if we use all our abilities and resources,”

“It is impossible to compare the DNA of all 100 million people,”

“If we can achieve 90%, there are at least 10 million people who would not have been compared,”

“And, many things are not as expected, many times the person you want to find is in the 10% you did not check.”

Tece also nodded and said, “Second brother is right, luck is something that often can not be described,”

“Even if you look for one in a hundred, it is possible to find ninety-nine in a row are wrong.”

The old lady also nodded in agreement and said, “So I think we should not spread out so much now.”

Marcus asked, “Mom, you mean to narrow down the search?”

“Right.” The old lady said very seriously, “I think the odds are that Charlie is still in the country.”

Marcus said: “Mom, China has more than 9 million square kilometers, 1.4 billion people,”

“Start from all again to find Charlie, we need at least another 10 years,”

“And the country does not have all the DNA information database,”

“Generally will leave DNA information in the information database,”

“Either have a criminal record or have gone to the police to register to find relatives,”

“Otherwise, most people’s DNA information will not be included, it is very difficult to find.”

But the old lady said very seriously: “It does not matter,”

“This time we will start from the domestic search!”

“Since we have already checked all over Aurous Hill,”

“Let’s do a thorough investigation of the provinces around Aurous Hill, especially the provinces south of Aurous Hill.”

Marcus nodded and said, “Okay, then I will arrange to start with the provinces around Aurous Hill.”