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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4443 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4443 Start

The An family watched Sara’s private plane take off,

And only then turned around and returned to the villa.

The old lady even shed tears after Sara left, choking up and saying to her children,

“This is the good fruit that your sister had planted for your father and for us ……”

“If she hadn’t set up this marriage for Charlie,”

“I’m afraid your father would not have been able to overcome this hurdle today ……”

“This hurdle we all…… would really have not been able to pass ……”

Marshal also could not help but sigh: “Mom, you are right,”

“If it were not for Miss Gu’s pill, Dad might have died tonight ……”

The old lady said seriously: “We owe the Gu family a great debt of gratitude for this matter,”

“We must personally thank them in person, in my opinion, when your father’s health is a little better,”

“We all should go to Eastcliff to thank Sara’s father in person,”

“Do not let people think that our An family has lost its manners.”

Marshal nodded and said, “Mom, you are right, such a big favor, we really have to thank him in person,”

“But Dad’s memory is relatively poor now, this kind of thing,”

“I’m afraid he will soon forget when he hears that he has to go to Eastcliff,”

“I’m afraid he will be reluctant.”

Marshal knows very well in his heart, that after the accident of his sister’s family,

The old man has been very repulsive to Eastcliff and Aurous Hill, in his daily life,

Even if he hears the names of these two places, he has to slap the table and curse angrily,

And his current memory, which happens to stay shortly after his sister’s death,

Let him go to Eastcliff under such circumstances, he will definitely be very repulsive.

The old lady listened, nodded slightly, and sighed:

“This is indeed a problem, let’s see your father’s state then,

If we can talk to him and let him know what the situation is,”

“Maybe he can still accept it, the big deal is to talk to him once a day.”

Said, the old lady sighed and continued, “In fact,”

“I want to take your father with me to Eastcliff, there is another selfish ……”

Several people hurriedly looked at the old lady, waiting for her next.

At this time, the old lady seriously said,

“I want to take your father to the Wade family to see your sister,”

“And by the way, with the Wade family to lift all the years of bad blood.”

After a pause, the old lady continued, “All these years,”

“Although we have not had any contact with the Wade family,”

“And even your father’s heart was once very dissatisfied with them …… but,”

“The Wade family is ultimately your sister’s in-laws, not to mention,”

“Although the whereabouts of Charlie is still unknown, but the blood flowing in his body,”

“Is the Wade family’s and the An family’s and their future,”

“If Charlie is found, for his sake, we are bound to release the former suspicion with the Wade family,”

“Rather than increase the divide, it is better to open up earlier,”

“So that when we find Charlie, we can give him a complete and harmonious family,”

“By then he has the support of both the An family and the Wade family,”

“He can also be on the right track as soon as possible, what do you think?”

Marshal thought for a moment, nodded, and said, “Mom, I agree with your decision.”

Marcus also said seriously, “Mom, I have the same opinion as big brother.”

Martel and Tece also followed without thinking and expressed the same attitude.

The old lady nodded with relief and lamented,

“What I’m most worried about now is that your father can’t wait for the day when Charlie returns,”

“We’ve been looking for Charlie for twenty years and have found nothing so far,”

“I don’t know how long it will take to find his whereabouts ……”