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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4441 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4441 Start

Duncan nodded and said in a cold voice, “I hope you can bear the burden!”

After saying that, he immediately said to the police officers around him,

“Immediately close the team! Call all officers to return to the station for a meeting immediately!”

At this point in time, Duncan no longer cared about the kidnapping of Randal.

After the big scandal broke out, in addition to triggering the American public’s anger at the Fei family,

It will also trigger the American public’s disappointment in the entire country’s law enforcement system.

After all, so many innocent girls died unnaturally,

The police did not solve the case, and finally brought this matter to light,

But was previously hated by all the kidnappers.

This is good, the kidnapper instantly became heroes for whom the world is clapping and praising,

While the original was incomparably sympathetic to Randal,

All of a sudden this man became the world’s most spiteful object of abuse.

In addition to the Fei family, there is also the New York Police Department,

Which has seen its reputation plummet.

Therefore, Duncan must study the current situation with his superiors and colleagues,

And find a way to make the NYPD’s face slightly regained.

On the way back to the police station by car, Duncan was distracted,

Thinking of so many clues which were always unclear,

So he planned to give a call to his old friend Marshal.

For Duncan, Marshal is not only his good brother for many years but also a mentor and friend.

His own temper is hot, Marshal is relatively mild,

So the two not only chat but get along, the key is also in the thinking of mutual development.

The two of them had speculated in the chat that someone was going to publicly execute the Fei family,

And now it came true, so Duncan also wanted to talk to him about the sudden change…

All in front of him to see if he had any different thoughts.

However, he felt that the time was already so late that it was a bit risky to call,

Not to mention that he didn’t know if the An family’s old man had come through,

So it was not really appropriate to call at this time, so he put the phone down.

But he did not know that at this time, the An family has surrounded Sara and chatting fervently.

The old lady held Sara’s hand and never let go of it all night,

Charlie’s aunt, as well as several other aunts and uncles,

Also surrounded Sara, how to see what she likes.

Sara herself is a bit flattered, surrounded by so many people to ask for warmth not to say,

Confused, but she has received a large pile of gifts, and each is worth a lot of money.

She also knows very well that the An family attaches so much importance to her,

On the one hand, because she gave the rescue pill to save the old man’s life,

And on the other hand, it is because she is Charlie’s fiancée,

The An family misses Charlie very much, so they also love her very warmly and with full sincerity.

This also makes her heart extra happy, in her opinion,

The An family is her solid backing in the future, the three-year agreement,

If Charlie dares to renege, afraid that the An family will not agree.

However, seeing that the time has reached the latter part of the night,

Sara is also a bit worried about the old lady’s health,

Plus she has to make final preparations for the performance tomorrow morning,

So she really can’t continue to spend so much time, so she said:

“Grandma …… time is really late, you must be very tired,”

“and it’s too late for me to continue to disturb you ……”

The old lady said: “Nothing, nothing, grandma is not tired at all, I have so many years,”

“The biggest problem is that I can not find my grandson,”

“Afraid that in this life I will not have the opportunity to see him again,”

“But today you can come over, my heart disease is half gone, I am beyond happy today …… “

Sara nodded, and said seriously: “Grandma you do not worry,”

“I will have time to come over to see you and grandpa!”