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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4437 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4437 Start

But when Duncan recognized Douglas, he was dumbfounded and said:

“Mr. Fei …… Mr. Fei? When did you …… you come back?!”

As a high-ranking Chinese detective in New York,

Duncan is naturally very familiar with Douglas.

Moreover, he also knows the inside story of the Fei family’s previous struggle for power,

Knows that Douglas was overpowered by his son Dawson,

And even heard that Dawson was spreading dark flowers everywhere to buy Douglas’s head.

However, he did not expect that at this moment, Douglas was sitting safely by Dawson’s side.

This makes him immediately confused, here in the end what has happened.

At this moment, Douglas slightly arched his hand at Duncan and spoke,

“Thanks to Inspector Li’s concern, I just came back today.”

After that, he pointed to Stella beside him and said with a smile,

“Inspector Li, let me introduce to you,”

“This is my most beloved granddaughter Stella, I don’t know if you two have met.”

Duncan looked at Stella and said politely, “Hello Miss Fei,”

“We have met before at several events, we just haven’t spoken.”

Stella also said with great respect, “Inspector Li, I’ve heard a lot about you too,”

“But I just haven’t had the chance to get to know you.”

Douglas spoke up at this time,

“Inspector Li, Stella has now officially become the new head of the Fei family,”

“From now on, she alone will be in charge of the entire Fei family,”

“If you have any matters to discuss, just talk to her directly.”

When Duncan heard this, his heart was even more shocked.

The fact that Douglas could return to the United States safely already surprised him,

After all, in his opinion, since Dawson had succeeded in seizing power,

He had enough strength to make it impossible for his father to ever return to the United States alive.

So, it is already unbelievable that Douglas could come back alive,

And it is even more bizarre and even a bit weird that Dawson would give the family headship to Stella,

Which he had so easily snatched.

Imagine, who would be so stupid as to give up the power,

That has just been grabbed and not yet warmed up so easily?

So he thinks that the only possibility is that Dawson was also forced to give up the family headship.

But this makes him even more puzzled: “Master Fei has already been taken away from his power,”

“And even has to do everything outside to avoid the pursuit,”

“And how can he be able to force Dawson, who is already sitting on a high position, to abdicate?”

“Moreover, this Dawson even if his brain is kicked by a donkey into broken tofu,”

“It is impossible to make such a decision ……”

“Could it be that …… could it be that there is some external force,”

“More powerful than Dawson helping Douglas?!”

“Thinking about it seems to be the only possibility ……”

Thinking of this, he could not help but think of Randal’s kidnap before and after,

In his heart, he is more amazed, feels that both events are permeated with a strong conspiracy theory,

And there may even be some kind of twist that he temporarily can not see, can not touch the connection.

So, he could not help but ask Dawson: “Mr. Fei, your son Randal was kidnapped,”

“Have you thought of any new clues?”

“Could the kidnappers not be here for the money, but for another reason?”

Dawson said awkwardly, “About this …… honestly Inspector Li, I have no clue in my mind ……”

Duncan intuitively thought that Dawson must not have told him the truth,

However, in front of Douglas and Stella, he could not ask about the root of the problem,

So he opened his mouth and asked,

“Mr. Fei, then did you prepare the cryptocurrency for the kidnappers that they requested?”

Dawson said awkwardly, “This is …… Inspector Li …… now my niece Stella is in charge…”

“Of all the big and small affairs of the Fei family, so you should ask her about this matter… …”